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M country 51 area underground base.

The gold is small to open some regrets:"Seeing our weapons of appearances can hardly oppose artificial become injury, Be getting more regrettable."The gold is small to open to imagine of quite good, although the shell keeps on to continuously bombard to go out,those enemy's tall ship but milli- are inattentive, seem this kind of bombing just at scratch an itch for them similar, completely can not result in injury.The their place idea is how to escape from whirlpool, and have already found out regulations in it gradually.

"I am a MD the people, Be similar to is a foreign country other place to the Z country, and I am in London live for eight years, adapt to here."Jade explanation way, " says that the elder brother doesn't hope as well me again with go!"

"BE, what do you ask this to do?"The Leng that the gold is small to open to smell speech for a while.

"E, no matter how it is, say, while having been already needed come right away to seek me good."The orchid degree originally still thought in the ice eye to check to ask here for a while relevant gold small open of inside situation, but see now, want an ice eye match to seem some difficulties.

Owner has never ceremoniously and directly once connected jade to say in the male's gift:"Not bad eat what?Or old appearance?"

"All complete satisfactorily!"The small male respects a farmland to say from the pocket in took out to an identity certificate of R country, " is in the name of my cousin.In those early years the R country invades Z lose war, my uncle Ye flurried fled elsewhere return to country, result my hall uncle to stay at Z country, afterwards I hall the uncle is in the Z country take a wife livinged son, waited until us again seek past of time, he already die of illness, but my cousin then not know run to where, have been having no news.At the right moment make you able to use his identity this time!"

"Fight an alliance this time not is prepare to play Yin of?"The strange Pu suddenly puts a speech way, ask for the dark council chairperson glare at with pull zero at the same time, " that still says with you!"

Can the gold Dan meeting today expect monk!Is at the thought of this Europe sun wonderful pistil a bit dizzy.She the martial of a small sky of rank unexpectedly use the tone of place of honor to expect monk to talk to the gold Dan, is say her brave good, or say that she makes silly?With just this gold Dan expect monk Yai the Zi necessarily reports of personality to see, estimate she is also hated ascend!Be really habitually harm to kill a person to shout!

"Senior, you became a lot of!"Hear the Du fly this sentence, the Ni can suddenly lift up head restraining tears fly to say with smile to the Du, " since it is so, that later Ni be your close younger sister, you live as recluse of time will also keep you company!"

"Although everyone attains four star real strenght is all leader of alliance your achievement, can if you make everyone white to give away dead, that you are everyone's personal enemy!"That four star elders walk to the front of four star experiment bodies to continue to say, " you are self-willed, for reaching the greed that you dominate Europe, and generation the on good terms sorcery association quarrel, act in collusion for evil purpose with the Vatican and make the whole war alliance popular agitated!Today, we represent to fight alliance all pupils and bum out you to fight an alliance!"


See the summer blare snow speech in didn't peep out the slightest breeze, Dong Qi Min can the ground of Shan Shan say with smile:"President Xia Men can not say so, no matter it is big thief or little thief, as long as they commit the crime, belong to a Jing duty the department want processed scope, otherwise the taxpayer hands over so many tax golds annually, be not

"Pay respects to believe in a lord!"Hear after the order that the Du flies, several person, Shi Da Dun Li, of Chen Shi Bin together the voice sing a Re way and need Du to fly to wave hand to start to recruit they, even if formally did obeisance to go into bottom in the door that China Wei believes in.

Got an order, the clear son turned to reach right away naturally more, the whole Long Zu Er's brigadeses, immediately and orderly revolved.

"!"Although the Yan been gobbling up in dealing with hand, is a Jiang corpse, the instinct still keeps letting gold A corpse realize that the Wei that corpse sign in the town brings presses and is flurried carry on evading confrontation with.However leaving Du to fly because of gold A corpse is too near, too late stay away, exclaim a , then was hugely worked properly corpse sign in the dint town to wrap up.

"Carefully!"China Qi cloud and whole Ling Han just on hurtling into a toilet, feel that the body seemed beside a burst of breeze once pared off, at present one flower, only the gold spring lies on the ground.China Qi cloud in a twinkling responded to come over, loudly 4 people out of the facing door give warning and unfortunately answer her to is that the four tones is stuffy to hum.

"I also want to consider for our person of summer house!"The language took a pair of passes to coldly return a , then the summer blare the thunder way that snow changes direction a summer, " summer thunder sees visitor out!"

"You stand to that stone on the stage go, I to open passage.Stop worrying, this passage should only I can open, you also need not afraid meeting someone make track for."It was full of self-confidence in the voice of fire tooth.

"The person of the variation?Unexpectedly"the difference monster reads Du to fly the variation person in the mind and waits it to see after the development history that the Du fly to know variation in sea a person and immediately cut up rough, the low voice roars a way, " shot breaks fairyland, absolutely is an offense should ten thousand die!"

"Lord in the house!"Four absolute being that has already promoted to five planets endures of superior, walk to arrive respectively the in fronts of lord in the house pass respectively to they are a look in the eyeses of affirmation.

"Say!"The Du flies to see Chen Xiang not to think an answer and then drink low a , orotund medium tiny take some Wei presses and immediately force Chen Xiang's 15110 grounds said out.

The gold is small to open already and sea Si the company measure for a while, for this last dollar dint hole hole, although concrete position they know,is to the point at the process releasing it's certainly not Bon voyage and according to the situation in last time to see, those big summer clansmens will definitely obstruct, only don't know to will send who this time.


Seal to traverse be full of in the heart unwilling, the Nu idea in heart increases and shouts at top of voice, quick such as lightning flash of, war rob knife quickly and appear in hand, dynasty the sky split one knife.

Look for a gold small open, however is very obvious, it seeks wrong direction-almost always facing opposite side flight, about round 1 turn in the whole piece of mainland after, this just found out a mine, and coincidentally see fly boat to get off the ground.If if again late a minute, perhaps will open to shunt with small gold.

Tens of thousands gobbles up a pit, what concept is that a ?!If these gobble up to check all an ability drive blend of words, almost can create in the in moment a from tens of thousands practice moral teachings constitutes of battalion!

Dream son according to care nothing about of nestle is sealing a Ling nearby, seal to traverse to also only have no alternative to this appearance of accept, speak at the heart, dream son

After a short moment time, six green end and that younger sister Shi's summons, the finger knocks the table's top of office desk and sinks in to contemplate.

 The "my receive notice says that you want to see me, " carter says."I hope the place of that what I have no to do amiss."

"?!"The gold is small to open exultation, way:"Is there still this kind of good matter?I try!"The heart reads a to move, he that strong absolute being knew to immediately and then cover with two at present soil Zhao leaders.Indeed as expected, fluxion read along with the absolute being, the real meaning of those two soil Zhao each words immediately and then appears at the gold is small to open of brain in!

"If younger sister Shi, you don't come out again, the senior had to oneself to go in."Resist for a sky, the Chen freely says, these words all didn't know by himself/herself how much time.

"See appearance, you pretty came over."The fire tooth lightly says, was full of in the voice a weariness of idea.

Chapter 34 is before the meeting(up)

Once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting the difficulty Wei Er hunting dog-English of the problem-Ba Si Ke Zhao-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting


"See a circumstance first."The gold is small to open than he want a town to settle a lot, first is the special ability used a right eye observe for a while these two groups of personses discover them aring in the middle most strongly also only is one gobbling up of rank, the strength number is the tallest also however just 89100, dealing with the common run of people can also, however to oneself is absolutely to can't have what threat, even connecting distance snow can also excel them.

"That certainly, did the daddy teach me a lot of things.The daddies wasn't willing to teach me before, is being still a teacher your magic power big, even want daddies to listen to your words!"Water is pure to work properly to be subjected to Xiang very much a madam doter, speak of words to the slightest don't have scruples about.

"I year by year grow a bell orchid and grow a lot ofly, is a wish, wish everyone happiness."

Listen to car Xuan a station this explain, the Du flies of eyebrows not from wrinkly get up.Originally and just that terrible superior is unexpectedly the fairy of fairy city!And so terrible superior, the fairy city still has six of many.

"Du Du ……"

The proper gold is small to open on this day when the return go around in circles to be deep in thought a bitterness to think in the house, suddenly heard a burst of and familiar step voice, that insisted unremittingly coming to harass him every day and filling of distance snow Ni Er!

See the Du fly one face serious, from strange and Ci although the vice- president of association of Bo Liang Wei doesn't know that the Du flies why can fish for the real strenght of clear bearer, they still kept choosing to believe and quickly were divided into 5 sets: more than 1,300 pupils, in addition to the Du flies with Louis Si master's outside each five planets the evil tutor leads a set of, etc. will take turns toward empress the entrance to valley in the valley release a sorcery attack.

Those rush toward the absolute being song empire of 500 heavy the gradual increment for riding the soldier's speed, because of receive Si have never descended order and attack, he after death of leave of 1,000 hussars even if worried also is to have no a way, the eye sees 500 heavy ride a soldier and nearby receive Si single and only ride facing, they faced up, along with distance of approach and receive soil yellow of Si body of Dou spirit the ray of light also add shiningly more, be those 500 heavy ride a soldier and thoroughly drown he after receive Si madness of brandish and begin medium of heavy sword, the recruit type has already didn't meaning and greatly opens a greatly whole sword type and takes and has a big slice of blood for splashing.Iron such as wildly having never thoughted of to receive Si will so crary, he and receive Si understanding be not a day and two days either, received Si have been all experienced and steady for his felling, so crary action basically can't the occurrence on him.

Terviews-answering ads, using search firms, contacting companies directly, surfing the Web, and networking.Even the if a job isn't perfect for you, the experience of the every interview can be approached as a positive.

Stick down address after, 2 people then part company.

The sorcery tower flying in the Du so much builds up in the tower Si corner in the valley, and the surroundings doesn't have other masters sorcery tower, so he didn't break other buildingses while orderanying summit of hill giant to take a stroll.


"Anne, my magic even if is rank strongs to together all see not to wear, as long as I don't change to change in pattern, even if talk tone occurrence to change, those yellow skin monkeys can't discover, either!"That"big elder" hears reprimanding angrily to of pair captain, some disapprovingly say.Combine without extra trouble from the fruit bowl of table in picked up an apple, the "the Ga expects" ground ate.

The gold is small to open be got a fright, way:"I think you not at ……ah, beg old sky of protect this kind of words, only is that the habit is so end in talk.To, do you know not to know that this post actually is it that arrives where?"

Hui only on listenning to, immediately stopped reciting from memory, injustice way:"Senior, I don't know as well how say, the formula for incantation is to return so a matter."

We certainly should make great effort to attain had better, but the person can not have perfect request.The circumstance that we face such complications, with the result that no man can all always not come amiss.

"Does your old man's house understand a sign line?"There is some surprises in the black piece, the attitude that treats an orchid degree is immediately polite to get up.

Suddenly the line that sees a gold small to open to use a golden light sign, that Ling added wise powerful ruler to stare blankly for a while and waited he to respond after coming over, sea the Si has already been been small by the gold to open to drag along space of passage in.

"Is little to gossip irresponsibly!"The baldheaded big fellow drank 1 and turned head to stare an eye after death several people, turn head to open a way to the small gold:"That is that is mean and shameless and mean dirtily evil old guy, swindles not to wink, wild goose over pull out hair of big owner, however is very rich is ……"

The gold is small to open to hear them be also grasped here, on the contrary some in the heart easy, can ast least know that they weren't killed off by the person of the absolute being act.As for say hereafter put them to go out ……H'm, with lend oneself the identity of"Zhang door", want to come to should be easy to accomplish.

"That good, you stop worrying, finished empress I will see yours, small make trouble, my promising your business still don't change."Seal Ling to signal hint to 3 people.

Just harmed well after, gold A corpse heart annoys difficult even, then going out to want an opportunity to seek the sneak attack is those outside bearers, can who knew to wait along while some opportunity to also have no, can Xing Xing but return.

撎 Holmes suddenly the point voice say.The 摰 dies the mold ∷ Chuo to play


"Yes."Boon space two eyes in whole is a little stars, completely is an appearance that makes track for a star clan:"The prince fills Ni Er, he is our whole super idol that has magic power most in nine star empires, his elegant appearance no man ability enemy, his every act and moves can make people unbearable is of madness!"

"I is just came out to practice moral teachings, doesn't really understand to Wu Lin nowadays."The Du flew to in brief once pull one to lend.


Is evil accidentally better arm backward on flapping, the invisible energy by leap and bound coagulates to come up, the moment forms a nearly 200 meters grow of huge sting gun, fiercely go toward the flame colossus sting!Flame colossus the whole body suddenly and marvelously distorted for a while,

"Strange affair, this exactly is where?"More go below, public more feel some oddness, the gold is small to open to discover from the surroundings stone wall some artificial axes dig trace, just don't know to actually is stayed by who.

Chapter 8 chain machine(next)

A coffee shop of red month avenue, the Du flies and six green face to face sit down, ready to a good consultation for a while the guide's expenses problem.

Before dividing a soul, the Du flew and then around deployed in the quiet room a turn of defense strategies.Divide a soul in but can not stand the least bit interference, he doesn't want to therefore wither, or become stupid fool.

Not chapter 6 desire sees a wise way Ji's solution

The pure Huang side had already resumed to come over at this time but see the eye is hot, hurriedly run to the Du to fly an in front way, "way elder brother, I would like to with you together, also please take to ascend me!"

"You ……!"The thunder Mo coulding not say of spirit words, spirit drum drum the ground stare with anger the gold Be small to open a long time, finally soft in speaking come down:"How do you exactly want?"


PS:the second arrive more!Come to tally a ticket!

Say used up one matter of the sea person's food to the car Xuan station, the Du flew evocable concealed diagram to look into for a while and discovered that the sea person of inside indeed as expected started hungry belly.He then didn't hesitate and summoned up 1 F to work properly a dint protection cover in the body form, then plop one jumped into nautical mile.

'Meanwhile,Stapleton was wearing a false beard and fol lowing Sir Henry.He needed something to give the hound Sir Henry's scent,so he paid a maid at Sir Henry's hotel to steal one of his shoes The first one was a new one,a

"Elder generation!"Have no falsely just just sent to Du fly come over, didn't walk far, so the Du flew to follow the direction that he just left to walk several steps to find out him, then keep the bivouac ground that he walked to return 23 to win a brigade together company.

"Beg you, this hero, you never give her an opportunity, you also know, and he likes to skate.The viewpoint that shines on you, because he is a dummy, can ignore she, but this time still make her go with you."

"H'm."The Du flies a point to nod and then headed for bathroom.Isn't that he don't want to tell Xu Ting Xiao beautiful despicable facial expression, just he feels later and small beautiful to have again what friendly intercourse, why the need for take superfluous action, let to allow a Ting in the mind to add!

The many people all say

!So one Zong Men halt ground, he this religion lord then became to jilt a palm cabinet and hid quiet room to close the border self-discipline to get up.

"Slowly aunt, the Du eldest brother helped to me of boon, even if is to have no wages, I would like to also stay."Du's flying hasn't talked and allow Ting to immediately declare a way, there is boon necessarily report, this is the principle that she does a person.

"You put on these Liao Kao, on the body of work properly dint and then can not circulate?"The adulation that didn't care pure Huang, the Du flew to lift to lift his wrist up of button up wreath to ask a way.

The expression of eyes that sees pure Huang, the Du flies to insolate however on smiling, he meeting do this expression of eyeses all have no?Swept an eye tiny shake head of 133 squad captains, then also walk to under the hall of an empty sit down before the chair, shut eyes quiet need the captain of other squads to rush through.


This time Tang can the son didn't keep Tang Hu from leaving, but Tang can son frightened he or she, Tang Hu, go to elder brother B V is there again ask some words, or talk what of wrong, so directly suggest oneself to take Tang Hu pass by.

Time slowly changes, turning an eye the sun has already slowly started of face west a square downfall, but leaf's singing the circumstance of breeze still don't turn for the better.Is five falsely copy of exchange blows already several as many as thousand recruit, but that falsely the shadow still can not break four defenses that falsely copy.This time is falsely five the shadow have already dimed a lot, particularly are that those are four to falsely copy about have already wanted dissipation in invisible, can even if is so the plan that they still have no half to stay back for cent, remain steady steadily guard own battlefield.

The gold is small to open a bit strange of took a look the card of shoulder to pull, didn't discover what's wrong of place.However don't know to is to isn't own illusion, the gold is small to open to seem to hear card to pull to sneer at 1.

"Roar-!"A monster person like the gorilla sort hands Lei chest, look up at sky long roar, he that yellow loose hair that originally kiss with the breeze suddenly stand on end, at the same time a yellow ray of light is from his body inside spout to shoot but, will he the whole personal package get up.That yellow ray of light doesn't live ground to jump up to rise Teng in this monster Human body body surface, but don't send forth the calories of serving as like the flame of 1 F violent combustion.

However the activity this time is still to take a little monkey to wait a person, this lets this helps younger brother complaints are heard everywhere.The gold is small to open to figure out the way that handles these people very quickly, that is the training burden that enlarges them, let them basically have no opportunity entertain foolish ideas!Is small to open in the gold of that flies boat in, the lord controls among the room of the that regiment mentally dense material can produce extremely true virtual dreamland, getting into the persons of insides can get a rigorous training and exaltation.

The jade thoughts of world at the male even if continue so to keep on getting in touch with not necessarily so can have as well what result, the jade thought at the male an along while or a decision gives them a potent medicine, otherwise is a difficult lane to understand intention.

A silver bright ray of light from fly proliferation inside the boat but, distort to hover around to surround in the space flying boat surroundings, the huge energy stirs up to deep and lowly bellow a voice, nearly the spaces in 100 meters scope all oscillate.Suddenly six thick as the light beam of water pail from fly inside the boat bomb shoot but, however this light beam and formely a few attacks all different, six Tao Kuangs tied after leaving to fly boat immediately and then remitted gather together and at last unexpectedly coagulated arrive together, formed a foot has ten several rices the thick thin huge light beam!

I went quickly back to my room.A few minutes later I heard Barrymore go softly by.

"Somebody?"Smell speech Chen Mei Yi Leng, the side head saw an eye just and a few elders talk to smile the Du that the breeze livings to fly, the low low ground said a , then lower the head to start having a meal, a words all will not mention it.

2 visit the teacher whom you respect most once, while graduating in earnest remember experience concerning life.

The jade is in the male's hand but still dishonest of touch here, knead there, Tang can the son make again of some feel attracted, but Tang can son this time already didn't any energy only continuously of turn over cold stare at the male to the jade in token of disaffection, jade at male this just on the whole is accept a hand to no longer pick to make Tang can son.


d there soon after Sir Charles had begun to live in Baskerville Hall.He also talked about the moor and how it interested him.He told me to look across the moor to a place which was a bright green colour.

"Ha ha ha ha!That is certainly!"

, Get into the fish in the shallow pond quickly fish hamper.

"You have very strong mentality, " Louis Si didn't ask again this time what question, but come straight to the point ground to say, "the level that almost can attain big sorcery teacher, " makes reference to here the Louis Si saw one an eye still a noodles the expressionless Du fly and endorse a location to nod, "however, letting what me favored isn't this, but your strong soul, your soul is almost a strong 2 times that of ordinary people!"

In the interest as sea City is studying a necklace, the Du flies and stumbles on, he can divide to work properly to know marking on the some thing at 1:00, after waiting a period of time, in the very far place, he could pass to work properly to know to feel to find out that product.Certainly, the time and distance of feeling, be subjected to him to work properly to know the marking of strength decision.

The healthy mindset is ten-once in a very long while novel download the net collection tidy up

By dint of the war robs a knife heart method and seals none of Ling Kan to see, the path kept a Zhang to clap to go out.

"Although this war isn't personal honor versus dishonor,do not close life and death as well, this with green night four bear each other out to be known for a Ji, we with four recruit for limit, how does the Jia Mo think?"More leaves to ask a way.

Is the first carry on fighting of is Mu in Kai Jui-ho to permit a sky.When the Mu permits sky and Kai Rui in mid course run into of time obviously appeared the Leng absolute being for an instant, this time the team match Kai Rui an idea is to seek a leaf to sing breeze to wipe out shame, he knows that the leaf sings the speed that the breeze makes track for a month of Nie of cloud very quick, so he would choose to ride the bright tiger carries on assaulting, so as not to drive other people own opponent grab, but he didn't thought of that in front, this white dress grey hair hand's holding soft youth will be met by he before the leaf sing breeze.The Mu permits a sky originally is according to adding the virtuous wood's arrangement to want to quickly hurtle into the chemical element user of the other party to in the center carry on an attack, is that they had no dint again war, but with all strength pound at of oneself was unexpectedly ridden the Kai Rui of bright tiger by the body to block just wear.Mu's permitting very clear Kai Rui in the sky is an opponent that is difficult to tie up, if oneself not the ability defeat he, oneself so will be in difficult pass.The circumstance nature like this can't be a Qiao

Take out to turn absolute being Dan to fill toward, see to turn absolute being Dan have already touched lips, the Du flies to suddenly stop down and let out to work properly to know to inspect the wave of having the next door green.Etc. sees she is boring when the ground lie on the ground to go to bed the Du flies to just let go of heart, will turn absolute being Dan to fill into a mouth inside.

nything against him.Sir Charles was found dead because his heart failed.Again,tonight we could not prove that there was a hound.Selden died from a fall.We have no case at present.We shall see Mrs Lyons to morrow,and she may help us.But whatever happens,I have my own plan.There will be some danger,but by the end of tomorrow I hope to have won this battle.'


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