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  • Richard Smith is one of Frank's associates having worked for JASCO and contributed to his yearbooks. Below is an interview I conducted with Richard about his experiences working for JASCO and more specifically his relationship with Frank Zaic. Richard's account provides a fascinating look into Frank Zaic and the evolution of JASCO from a labor of love for Frank to a profitable enterprise run by his sister Christine. As Richard readily admits - these are his recollections - he doesn't claim to be the authoritative source on Frank Zaic. Just one mans account of what it was like to be around Frank back in the day...

The Tony Condon Project - Hall Cherokee II

  • Tony Condon is our Factory Rep for the Hall Cherokee II. He writes about all things Cherokee including photos, flight reports, a repository of known flying Cherokees, rebuilds, etc. Click below to read.

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canada goose återförsäljare Dawa said that the theme of the conference is to celebrate eighteen, win-win cooperation, which is the implementation of the Beijing Fair 9 major courier companies Lynx strategic cooperation projects with the specific actions of this preparatory meeting came a new the good news is that China Post Group for the first time, war double eleven. China Post Group direct mail company who said at the meeting that this year during the two-eleven, China Post Group E-commerce parcel delivery service will be carried out to achieve the same statute of limitations and courier companies direct mail service, first launched in Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other six provinces and home Lanshou, national delivery services, tariffs and courier companies similar. Recently also opened the second batch of home Lanshou city..


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cheap nfl jerseys suddenly a burst of sadness upsurges from the at heart of sea space Ai Luo, he was tiny to sigh tone of the vision is a Ka Shi there thedirection of the Na toward the afar, the city that belongs to him, the sea space Ai Luo almost can imagine, the very hot fire and thick smoke spread all over the

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cheap hockey jerseys lightThe dragon faces.That sort wildly fiercefast silvery light dragon, at split the Hao of 18 Zhangs in the sky and concuss power under, immediately like an Ultrasaurus for being stranded, stagnation in the sky, temporarily go forward not get.The body is in the sword light of reach to add almost be

team usa nba jerseys a mother, rejoice with wild joy in the positive heart, see a mother unexpectedly misunderstand his/her own meaning, favour way:Mother, you listen to I say, I am your to give birth to a boy in person, not ……I haven't been bornnow ……but after a year will be born.I am to pass time tunnel to

Nike Drenched Jerseys also hadn't toonce rear this ability.Sharp-eyed eagle is really a sorcery of convenient pole, even if is those eyesight naturally sharp person, can not also with start to display sharp-eyed eagle of he places on equal footing.Meanwhile, he is all the time not using thatlisten Shu, keep watch on this

MLB Nike limited Jerseys Even organize women and teenagers all.You pass little Ms. Yun, let those amount huge maidservant soldier and small mercenary soldiers, the training saves to cure to harm a member in the combat.As for is other of those the mercenarysoldier train of target mainly is occurrence at the street fighting


cheap nhl hockey jerseys oneself be like sawpersonal enemy?Doesn't she want to marry prince's his highness?He is confused to guess in belly, on the face but don't peep out half disaffection for cent, several step walk to small living in front of way:Widely the big summer country spirit believes in lord Luo's hero, receive

Authentic Soccer Jerseys china strength conflict...The explanation way of Sun Wukong:Words like that, the meeting be discovered by your brain, therefore, have to make your brain get into before old Sun Hua does the best'dormancy'.After gettinginto blood vessels inside your body, the strength that waits old's your brain waked up

cheap nfl football jerseys the opponent of potential most .I always the in hopes of can again carry on a rightness with you definitely, the rightness under the assize of the Pa Si adult in the court last time definitely, really too hard the real real strenght for displaying you.That middle age slowly says.Execuse me, my

NFL premier drift Jerseys affirm, wasn't to have intelligence report to say last time and had the evidence enunciation the sea space Ai Luo and the rice Lin reached, was studying higher, outstripped the martial skill of saint knight's state?They are thin boonkingdoms sorcery the knight inspire in that Suo under, start

Personalized football Jerseys pirate island, while thevirtuous thunder engraved silk to then completely give up his self-discipline several years of spirit sorcery, be absorbed in the research of ancient old witchcraft and vein round system sorcery, use to resist organization of make track for and kill.Although the Luo match Mu

Wholesale stitched Jerseys responsible for inviting guest, the cityof the morning sun will have thousands Wu Zhe to come together over there when the time comes.Their real strenght isn't even, wait until to all come together inside Ao the time in the card again Zhen don't real strenght height, perhaps will take place

cheap oakley sunglasses outlet person ride a horse, here not spacious alley in run fast, brandish a much long stick of one meters in his hand.Those pedestrians that too late hide into a house inside,helplessly the Quan shrinks body and hides in the corners of lane son, but they are still hard to once hide that bloodthirsty stick.

cheap nfl jerseys 2013 dripping wet on the hair of, all over the face exhausted color.A words don't say as well, various Ge still cloud sit on the desk opposite, double eyes orthoptic father.There are words that ask me?Various Ge far mountain way.Still various Gecloud says with smile:The problem of small cloud, the father

cheap basketball jerseys Luo ordered to nod:His majesty, setout to do so according to you! this period of time, what can I do?Ha ha, the sea space Ai Luo, you finally have found, all right! so Suo rice thunder especially, are you how to intend? lotus section Er Si three a life times ask a way, he is satisfied with his own

Premier Jerseys really don't know, the boon Lai envied by him section is falling into bitter struggle in another part of hungriness.But round up the large unit number of the section ofboon Lai to far want than here much get many.Is same in the hungriness of that part, having the exodus can't display the common run


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Cheap Nike elite NFL Jerseys paypal good name, the lilac is dark to send, born feels all readily is a fragrant aroma, could not say a words any further.After all is youth'sguts, face such bewitching female*, naturally again difficult act with dignity, only left a silk works properly Zhi also all gone, roar low a , anti- by hand and

wholesale new england patriots jerseys a Buddha is that the one is boundless.That speed at the steppe on of 1 criticize to fight a horse, imitate 彿 is boundless in of sailboat,but fly in the sparrow hawk in the blue sky, would be steppe on of sea gull.After storm quells, front camp just as since keep a vigilance toward ground.Almost

authentic nhl jerseys good, don't let guest's joke.The Peng exposed Jue to pout, this just the most unwilling nature left the oldbosom in.The old man smiles a big step to walk to the born in front, arch hand way:Worthless old man Peng big wave, get night, ask small brothers to forgive.Naturally this just suddenly realize,

I am The Truth Snapback originally think that you don't have this skill.The boon Lai section facial expression big embarrassed, don't what is up compare to show mark Lu joke, make him feel more embarrassed.The embracingof spirit that is very careful to get from spirit and half in flounce, the boon Lai section doubt doesn't


Oakley Betray Sunglasses Outlet know for very the Mo want to come together here and unavoidably have some oddness of ask what Hao way:They at dry very Mo?It is waiting ancient Delhi to hope to appear.He Hao wry smile way:Thou Delhi rare seem this platformer be he preaches of place, and he stillsuccessfully advised to turn several

Akstar NY Pussy Hats are those early years Wei Si thewords for once saying.The old ordered to nod to say, was full of esteem to oneself's this wise and farsighted ancestry the old.If the card Ao strange Kingdom is willing to bear heart, practical one step a footprint ground development bottom goes and constructs sorcery

NFL Black Camo Jerseys fair one war.The Sa Er Dan after all sees know more wide person, although heart in shocked, soon then resumed dispassion, sneer wayboy, you seem to be very strong, if you really have skill,Rob her from me return to good, I pour and experience for a while, you actually havemuch potential!You want a

cheap nike football jerseys vehemence roaring Buddha reason Si suddenly thenoodles is like soil color.There is still an interest keeping on playing?Rice the gram Be tiny to say with a smile.The Buddha reason Si didn't talk any further this time, his ash slipped away district to begin next came out hall.The mishap of such

NHL elite Jerseys Nike all over Jcountry, after just getting into 22th century, science and technology develops the new moon benefit in day, the plum flower species renews again and again, just can open in January, and can experience successively a long half year, at this time the greater half in J national capital is in

Custom MLB Jerseys Cheap china ¦â€¦ and square green …… is small to living strange call, is not, you should can't want me and square green that?The square is green to dress up as a bigsummer country prince, why can you not dress up as Mary?The Mo Hey Hey in the sky says with smile, and the peace or chaos that matters to

Discount NHL Jerseys go.Ao space the Rui is many of the cemetery set up under the cluster foot of a hill that east noodles, cover very and widely, in the intervalgrave not descend 50,000 of number, be regarded as G country the south's biggest cemetery.Thus numerous act caves concentrate together and unavoidably seem to

cheap mlb jerseys free shipping boy is big colourful, really henchmaned luck!Grandstand up of right away all over the face angry expression in the school of start to stand from the pew, Xing Xing however leave a field.The atmosphere of the C country rest the indoor smiles for of a loosenning, six leaving cannoting help but ha ha:

cheap nfl jerseys from china to infuriate highly respectable nobility stratum, but don't know small take root originally lazy must participate in the affair of this world.He wants to seek a quietplace just now and resume capability quickly, then explore Luo especially-add the secret of Long Xing Shen's mountain, in order to

Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys still to feel that above the rising sword annoys, feels a body a top if press heavy Yue, double knee a soft, cannot help but kneeling down.The woodstarts to wear far far call way:Living son need not resisted again, up to 100 swordsmans cooperated of power, be don't dare as well for the teacher the

czuheai light openings way:Is this time three boundary the total anti- have never measured quantity to rob and cut to teach to be to record a head achievement, soar to the skies to more just put together to wither of the Wei kill a different clan to Gao Shen Zhan, achievement great how, soar to the skies,

cheap nike nfl jerseys t once know how long, the prison door again opened, the soldier of one brigade in full battle array lifted out Lin Tian from the prison building and sent away under guard to in the ground, Lin Tian astounded detection, doctor and Zhao Kai also here. Zhao Kai's air still keeps seeming to be very

cheap baseball caps other party up to 100 interstellar battleplanes all beat down. Oneself on the other hand has to be diligent, on the other hand the war allies that can pray his/her two beds, obviously is still a high class another of, otherwise also can't thus rarely seen.And Chen Hong's nature can't discommode himself/herself and early and early get ready and originally still think seldom, have never thought and someone will come in, don't know as well now where? This eldest

nfl throwback jerseys in faculty and staff's rating*the Che making a related responsibility person of behavior check a work, end of the result is to check two vice- hall classes and more than tenses are positive, pair place class and severals are positive, minor course class officials and more than tens judge committee

authentic nba jerseys elder generation, this is just a little small skill, of no consequence what big skill, Need not such form of address can meet to also at last decree by destiny, besides you also give me the help be not, everyone also be regarded as two Be getting more pure, so heart in also a little bit ater ease,

Adidas football game Jerseys have already asked, the problem for being smaller than isn't a too great problem either, the center early has decision, and just he temporarily can not serve as an important job. Square green Lan an ask a way behind:Master son, what problem is his problem actually?Returning a knot a bottom still a

cheap new era hats time well, there are the words of opportunity ask him to refine a Dan medicine, other assistance medicine have already got ready and remember?Yes, teacher, I have already remembered, only and exactly is do what Dan medicine ah, need Zhu Guo of these 5,000 ages, whether exaggerate too much, this a

cheap nhl hats to the skies to brush. Is soaring to the skies to see quasi- to lift to take seven treasures wonderful??Sit of the flank of the wine table, the square green Lan also calls to ascend them to go to persons like down stairs,etc together with they and loudly says to the guests for doing not understand

cheap nfl vintage jerseys increase his and fix for, 《chain body Shu 》 of the square green Lan also fix into the fourth heavy, the square green Lan also fancied the life in nowadays. The processing of in great quantities old old case, let clear water country police substation the work this year with one action from the fairyland, that how do we do?This words of time, Tang Yu Yan is a face to worry with melancholy, and the square green Lan can also feel shivering of her body.Is whole\originally\small\say\net\ the square green Lan hugs Tang Yu Yan's waist limb way:Language Yan, this you need not worried, the

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