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Sun Mou sees public to nod approval and connects the ensign to flick in the hand and has 1,500 places of war ship facing distance sunshine country tall ship places to drive while signing.Because the courageous empire tall ship closes to, the sunshine country war ship towards the hull of the this place of tall ship on peep out thousand tube-like in shape objects that several steels create while signing, is exactly in the naval battle most for beneficially kill wound weapon evil crystal cannon.The cannon body of evil crystal cannon is refined with diamond but, the inner part then carves a sorcery and insets the crystal stone of evil monster on the sorcery, once sorcery the start will sample the magic in the evil crystal stone to shoot equal to sorcery of three rank sorcery powers of one to play.

"Does she see me like this am what mean?Blush what?"The gold is small to open isn't a fool, only although guess distance snow will to oneself's some good wills, not too dare to believe.The sudden gold is small to open the Wei of seeing the flank of the fingerling is covering mouth to laugh secretly, in the heart not from get abashed and angered, lifted to kick pass by:"Smile fart!"

"Leave, you aren't a professional diplomats with the lord then?How the words speak didn't°yet was the Wu hot and then reneged?"Water is pure to work properly to seem have a little the oddness seal a Ling of attitude.

"Have you this sentence us to trust!"Thou blunt looking at Li Jun that to tightly hold tight the right hand of breaking the soldier gun to say.

"Very pitiful!"Seal Ling Tan Dao.

"That thanked, however these four gold Dans seem my war booty and still bother to render unto to me!"The expression that sees fat boy, the Du flew to laugh behind one's back in the heart a , the immediately positive color ground says.

But, the doctor says that he drives the speed is too quick, put on brakes out of order.It is giving first aid.My Tan keeps on being soft.I don't know to still have at this time what don't can not make I self-reproach.

"The medicine is to install, but hasn't found out a suitable experiment body now."Na grams took a look more from strange and Ci Bo Liang Ren, some helplessly explanation way.

The gold is small to open a letter of answer way:"Certainly ……" suddenly thinks of to want dissimulation and immediately and midway withdraws previous remark:"The of course not acquaints with."

24, "I love you".Don't say this sentence to the many people, in the university, my meaning BE, hope you say to a person, this is to respect the person whom you love, respect your own feelings more.

"Did the that your meaning small male originally just is our person of small male household?"Hear the opinion that three elders deny two elders, big elder white once the eyebrow pick and speak to counter-question a way.


Author:Snow emperor Feng

"Is very good, over thousand years, so many people in, you are that are the several number not much courageous!"This voice suddenly sends out one silk praise.

Surroundings of the whole said to all don't have to threaten towards sealing Ling coming, sealed Ling to shout at top of voice, war rob knife at the moment total amount explosion, purple of the current of air dash forward horizon with the square circle of three Chinese foot radiuses that seals Ling surroundings.

After careful check has no flaw, 2 people then the swagger ground flew into that city.After getting into a city, the gold is small to open to feel more a kind of great and dignity-this city far open than the small gold at outside see of still have to be more huge, numerous great power motions distribute in the city, particularly is midmost huge Gao Ta in the city in, came together in great quantities extremely terrible strength more, some even almost comes to an a gold small open the degree after opening the third eye!

"Do not go!If"the Du flies to at that moment shake head a brush-off way, " the company inside can live a person, I now also need not rushed through you to walk."See strong also want to explain, the Du flew to stretch hand to stop he continues to say, " I have already been entered by book bother this time in, but the company have relation with I to unite again, my enemy opponent affirmation will find out here when the time comes, do you say that the person that stay in the company at that time also have way out?"

That flame the unreal suspend and rise Teng to jump up on the altar, the flame about has one meter much Gao, but with general of flame dissimilarity of BE, constitute this flame unexpectedly is one regiment mentally dense material!

"This is what?"The gold is small to open to fondle wall, feels puzzling-in the ocean of mentally dense, how can have this kind of thing?Have here what living creature will build a wall?Don't be kidding!

"Have not you seen space bag?"The Du flies a bit strange of ask a way, he sees finish dew to also know to make use of amount of supernaturalism, also think that she knows.

The gold is small to open some headaches, ask a way:"Still need to be looked for?You can not directly tell me concrete

"?What assurance do you use?"Hear this, the Du flies although have the self-preservation means in the war very much self-confidence,still want to listen to this two leaders to have what better way.

The gold is small to open to lightly draw out crystal blade, just thought small and soft fondled mo to combine


"May have fun in the behind garden."Li Dan Shu is carelessly some answer way, don't know to be thinking what in the heart.

Once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting birds' twitter remain-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting

Leave an old clothes that wore to is long and feel sick of, a just was gobbled up one empty dining table.

, Then walk to the part to sit down, calm down to wait Du to fly instauration to come over.

Return to a hotel, the Du flew to in brief tidy up for a while and prepared to walk early in the morning tomorrow.

Before the public under, those three big fellows are insulted and humiliated by the woman of Qian Jing Yi, even if she looks pretty, but cans not resists to around join a crowd for fun of the coaxing of person smile.

"Ha ha, is that I excited too much!"See many pupils quickly will leave of low class experiment the body exterminate

Believe even if is a honor and duties absolute being to expect monk to be placed in Du to fly present territory ground, the final outcome is perhaps deathless will also severely wounded, but this person is a Du to fly, the result was huge dissimilarity.

But after just coming back, full of pent-up anger six green, left the Du waiting also disappearing of right etc. fly to apologize, the heart is immediately cool.Heart a cool, the brain starts know, six green carefully examined her to fly to know with Du and mutually hand over of process, end get, she is just some brainses to have fever, the Du flies is like her or pure tease her, she isn't clear either.

"Ground eight, you not is say that you have tonight'royal feast'?How still here?"The villa of a gloom the inside, the guy of a whole body black dress, just equally attire toward the another of guy inquiry the way Be full to is curious in tone.

"You!"Saw oneselfs all seduce like this, Du's flying still didn't sway, small beautiful can annoy to hum a , the ground of Xing Xing walks to return to seat.


Knowing that woman can see him, so the Du flies of the facial expression Be very thin to settle, look to seem to be not is at tell a lie.

"Walk, let's go up."The Du flies to say without extra trouble 6 drive beat the dizzy sailor lifts and in fact if not that being afraid that the nobody sails, he doesn't mind to make these sailors visit MD country to once go.

The jade is also frightenned for a while, then tooks a look Tang at the male can son, see Tang can son this time which still have before and at the time that oneself's elder brother set against that pair strength, have already been like a small rabbit for frightenning this time, stand by Tang Hu.

Drive six green green on asking, immediately fly Du to wake up with a start from the deliberation, return to absolute being to say with smile toward two females:"Drive green so on reminding, I still really thought of some things."

See this act, and that mysterious person already arrive at his nearby, bodyguard

Fingerling and distance snow that the gold is small to open to looking at them to leave, turn round to the Wei say with smile:"The persons of Ai matter all walked and took advantage o now for this period of time, I taught a little good thing to you!"Own brothers, the nature can not make them suffer a los-this is the gold Be small to open to always work standard.

Sunshine country one square shouts a voice to still keep stopping one's ears to four country's allied troops, when 3,000 war ships remit to match an empress a boat drive wave slowly facing sea beach this place Piao come over.Time isn't big, that boat with the wind with the current of the Piao arrived near the bank and saw after waiting a long time that boat up have no person came down, also have no of excrescent condition.See have no circumstance occurrence the Sun Mou Ming person lift that boat to the sea beach highland on.Four different meetings to soldier sent to this boat the in front that Sun Mou waits a person, sees this boat and general boat have no differentiation, but hull top but be covered by a piece of big oilcloth of strict actually solid.

The gold is small to open to shake, don't want to say more as well what, directly hurtle tooth Liao to stretch hand a way:"Map.Map you should have?I don't believe that Fu even don't give you the map for drawing an underground base?"

"Being all se days of the pupils self - disciplines to do is silly, so temporarily didn't recognize an elder, also hope elder adult not to account mean person to lead, don't hold the same kind of view with us."Saying is also strange, after just started to remember Du to fly is who, the Yan left of the brain immediately lived to open and listenned to have no much idea of pursuing in the tone that the Du fly now, then easy to read flew for Du to wear two high hats, he doesn't therefore blame them again so much.

Various performance, make them be small to open to be into leader the gold-include little monkey and black piece at inside, is almost a gold at the beginning Be small to open the youth of place, that encampment.

Huang Xiao E's words just on finishing saying, the Du flew to see Chen's some first tiny colors to change and then say with a smile:"The younger brother also thinks lives in the village that didn't contend for with a life time here bottom, however some matters, the younger brother have to do and also hoped elder brother's wife to forgive!"


"Is there still a quota?"Worry China smells speech a pleased, his a good friend calls Chang Li, also was flowing to grow up in cloud territory since the childhood.Worry China listens to the Yan leaving to say to still have a quota and immediately thoughting of him.

"Endure again, perhaps the brother-in-law came right away!"See a summer if the Xi sobs of appearance, summer the cloud Xi Be strong to endure not to make oneself also weep over, she is the main heart bone of their sister now, if she also lays aside and cries together, that she the sister a pair presumably leave and thoroughly collapse not far!

PS:The second arrives more!Because this ended quickly, the small Du wanted to consider the pit that dug before, so a little bit dragged along, also the hoping everyones gave to support much and more, the ticket ticket collected all can!

"Why?"Seal a Ling to don't understand.

However the circumstance that will appear massacre now, seem to have a little is like the ancients on the earth before the war comes, compete first harvest the circumstances of immaturity food!

Once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting things of the past jewelry-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting

"Is very impressive-looking?"This is a very bad voice to fly Du to awaken from shocked, twist once the head see, but is that consumedly of the quasi- senior thunder receive virtuous.

Now the landlord of house lived, with several prices of 20%, made the stingy landlord old to sell to title deed too smiling all overly he.

"Pa, Pa!"Together and together the friendship just cried several voices, after suddenly feeling carry on the back be grasped, immediately after descended a body a cool, a big hand ruthlessly took out two times on her bottom.

So for seal a Ling , dream son according to have the felling to grow a dim moonlight, seem and seal a Ling moment by moment at ownly nearby similar, keep company with oneself and grow up, and oneself with resist for a sky, Chen mentions at most to also is to seal a Ling and resists for a sky, Chen is sealing more and leaving nearby, knows to more leave and think at most to also is to seal a Ling , can say, dream son depend on and resist for a sky, Chen, all is sealing and grow up in the story of Ling of, have and seal and traverse a keeping company with of story, nature to seal Ling and very acquaint with.


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