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ralph lauren outlet coupon Although small Ze attitude of the true son changed to come over,the Du flies thoroughly lifts disinclination, one Zhang contemptible ugly fellow the male clap dizzy, then since the childhood the Ze true son is there Excuse me cellular phone, dialed the telephone of celebrating cloud.

"Did not forget, didn't forget."The gold is small happy medium all enjoyed to bloom, this weapon of violent he is ever and personally see, that was huge to have no the knife of companion to go at that time mother the monster was all increased cannon by 6 to the repulse, if can install it flew boat at this up, sharp point point, who can match?

The jade knows at the male person at wait for of is the hardest to carry on in the process of, world now isn't this time that appearance, hence the jade says at the male:"You can seek an owner to try and ask,

"Yi, your facial expression how so bad?"Water is pure to work properly to notice to have no in the face of sealing the Ling the slightest blood-red color, this just export concern a way.

ralph lauren outlet coupons However after waiting Du to fly a facial expression to mildly counter-question, the Zou ocean suddenly discovers an at present person general like the common run of people, basically can not tell to fix at 1:00 for.

"Roll!"The Du flies to smile also building handsome slap, " said tonight that I pay, you at will, anyway I finally paid a bill and then went!"

"This, 6-year-old money, certainly is four bear each other out more well-learned, now, certainly be still counting war to rob knife.After all, , study hard for 16 years also not ability white white waste."Seal Ling Dao.


However how to handle summer then a crazy affair that lets the ruler extremely have a headache.Having no can query, the summer is crazy to absolutely is a genius, regardless on various control of technical ability, knowledge and the usage, still just in the quest of strength origin, he absolutely all well-deserved goes together with up the form of address " genius".

Although some oddness are still these 2 people's expressions, however fill Ni Er habitual ground blunt once they smile, then take off and run like mad.Now, followed behind to continue to make track for to kill a monster person who fill the Ni Er to leave for three, they tightly make track for at him after death ten several rice places hereafter is several hundreds of near Wei soldiers again.

"Boon, good-bye!The skin for"the Du flies points to nod, wait to looking at Niger duke then changed direction the Ai Luo's way since the underground base left, " is fertile with Zhan Mu Si, you hereafter how prepare to do?"

Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it.

The strong of the innumerable from flew high but rose on the earth, joined to those four Tao Kuangs took of combat in, can not reckon how many of strong withered from the air like the meteor sort, the whole body changed into a dazzling energy explosion to open.

"Your pouring is a cent pure what matter important event, their affair, don't you pursue?"Seal Ling Wen Dao.

Looking at Lin Mu Xue to wear OL clothes in the office of standard, the jade doesn't aware of self in the male's brain of remember to have, an insularity top carries on at the male for jade of enlighten education slice, oneself this was a romance still an office adultery in office, the jade still felt at the male to is that the composition of the latter is a little bit larger.

The original gold is small to open don't dare to make sure these as well whether the water goods bought, but cautiously feeling for a while after, detection and the those absolute being act cutthroat at the beginning seeing has border on a similar felling, seeing appearance this is a real thing.

"Ah, we have a meal here, are it rich to pay a bill to wait a meeting you?"Wait until small two times of store to go, the wave is green be like thought of what general, in whisper fly to ask a way to the Du.

"How?"By this time, a person who looks like casino small head of group walked to come over, the banker of facing facial expression hair white asks a way.

After outside year, in the concealed bead space the development in decade is flown the only star of nameding after the hope star by the Du inside the concealed bead space up, the population has already developed a many original triple, while China Wei believe in to also completely annex the monk of other factions and become hoping the only Zong Men of the star.


"Du brothers, 'gold guest come'although is the field that we help a cover son, be like our person of this kind of younger brother class to still keep having to be expensive, and that wine water in the field son dies expensive!"Lee widely sees the Du fly even gold guest come where all don't know, also think that he doesn't know a gold guest come of consumption level, hurriedly the birth reminds a way.

Tang can the son was also frightenned by Qian Xiao Qing's emergence a to greatly jump, however O.K. is Qian Xiao Qing isn't an another person, otherwise Tang can the son would worry.

"Who love to sell who sell to go to!The fish of my house don't sell today!"Chen was originally a fierce temperament first, saw that Lee's teacher a dishonest trader looks and had already directly broken out.

In they these pole ice believe in pupil to say, only the oneself real strenght is the root for talking, position, right, the all these is all as vitally related as real strenght.

"I this also for the sake of you good

In a stone house that builds at the time in the canyon, a few up wear a metal circle hoop, last body and bind the clerk of the works of gold color armor to sit upright at in, angrily discussed to just take place of earthquake.Among them several people, is exactly at the beginning with drama Ru the gold is small to open for happy of that severals oversee workers and sit at last that person, be then called the guy of "Cha degree adult" by the little monkey.

"Ka Ca~!Bomb Long~"the whole building with huge is under the energy function of Ultrasaurus and took place strong vibration.A way crack with the small gold open for center, like similar spider's net continuously the facing all directions expand, if according to keeping on continuing like this, perhaps whole historic relic with huge city all will drive this gold color Ultrasaurus to ruin!

"That you see this Ni mulberry ……"

"You ah!"Lee is hasing no language, " you if went up, is a year at least, this year inside you what is not capable either, can stay by the side those instruments, you are unfeeling to let your does the greatly good youth waste on that?"

"Send back!"The Louis Si makes greatest efforts not to let own of the voice shiver, but heart in already start to be crazy call, " genius!What a genius!"

"Roll!If be known by your elder brother's wife, I still didn't kneel to rub plank!"Under the infection of atmosphere, Lee widely also opens to have fun.


This next 2 Bses also are to be getting iner a dilemma, he originally also just oneself temporarily got angry, so tone a little bit weighed order, the result give°ed the words said die, at present he sees jade some lovely faces of pallors, in the mind not just some cant not bear to, make reference to bottom, and jade lovely get along with so long, 2 Bs how still to she have some feel of, much less jade at male give he be just small smallly order stir for a while, he right away understood his own intention, but this time make him lower the head that but really have some difficult affairs.

Qian Xiao Qing wanted to mean to say a way:"Not want, somebody else one family just come back the first day you so worried of make the other people go to work, be really of, we rent a car go to like, you still care this money."

After once wearing one home garden, several individuals arrived at among a floret park of elegance, the gold is small to open very quickly and then and see arrive not several individuals in distance is joking to take a walk, obviously, that should be the target of oneself and distance snow this trip-the emperor of nine star empires, the Di Sa is three a life times.

"The I is the manager whom the Hong reaches a vehicle leasing company, this is Mr. Du?"Heel at six green after death of a person, see the Du flying to speak up and immediately stretching out to smile to face to come up.

"Boon."The Du flew to silently pour glass water and put in the in front of old man, then calm down to treat him have to say what.

Looking at they stand that tidy and uniform utter darkness body to stare their 3 they, even if is once saw several

"Does this medal still have a function?"Listen to the thunder receive virtuous of words, the Du flies some interrogatively put vision at the gold quality medal before the chest up.

Looking at in the moment blazing light regiment, if be not in the dreamland, know of person's affirmation will think that this is a height that few someones of Ji can attain, only turn!

After the fierce heaven assaulted a thou to hurtle, the difference changed but took place.Originally Li Jun Yan sees personal square of member of team continuously of be killed by the fierce heaven set of, if this continues fall to hurt is an inevitable affair, and oneself be even been much many and whirling to tie up by money, and oneself's wound that how also cannot stop of bleed, these Li Juns who all make to refuse to concede defeat always feel depressed.Li Jun feels his/her own at present scenery more and more flower, in the hand breaks the weight of soldier gun also more and more heavy, she knows that she also wanted to support not to live, but oneself is absolutely not pleased!Thought of once the long gun in Li Jun Shou here play, will whirling force to back much and more with money, all over really annoy madness of flow out to break a soldier gun, but break a soldier gun to the slightest have no glory to present, still keep being a so dark appearance.Along with the true spirit of Li Jun's infusion more and more, that point of a spear on but is more and more bright.Imitate fixing of the Buddha Li Jun's whole body for all coagulate at that point of a spear on.Is whirling and money more see more circumstance like this quickly come forward to obstruct, but the Gang breeze of Li Jun's body surroundings isn't what their two people can break in the in a short time.


"Mama, killing me can't seeks again, either if elder sister Xi!"Who know once the green young master hear cloud Xi two words, the facial expression suddenly and greatly changes and jilts to open a women to pull his hands, and the panic ground flees to go upstairs to go.


"Dan dust way friend and fly a degree is past hand over, why the need for care a form of address."Listen to a Dan dust the son make changes in a form of address and immediately let the fascination that the Du flies to go over the old days lack, however asks a way because the emergence of the Dan dust son suddenly thinks of one thing, then has no to immediately end a conversation and turns in his heart, " in those early years the Dan dust son way friend back yard of the mysterious stone, could doing not know let to fly degree one view?"


"."Listen to the Du fly to say hereafter also come to connect them, Lin Wan Er immediately let go of heart, looking at circumferential sea person to also have no to so fear to more idea.

At this time stanza, the daughter and sons , in the parents' eyes, also become different more.The bond maid that hanged on the neck in the past , a while, becamed a very shy young girl.The facial expression is many, the in the mind is old to be like to hide a matter, asks for father to love more pity.The daughter is getting bigger, seeming to be more and more can replace of mother, learned to take care of father, can also cook, do laundry, care Lao Tze, even talk heart with father.


"Afraiding of this is your true viewpoint, you have to want to back, you say by yourself, I absolutely agree, however I am being lazy must realize these matters.In fact backing or not is all similar, do you say?"Sealed to traverse to quickly fill the problem to water pure work properly.He by himself is absolutely would not like to see fatherly.

The world is thus quiet, imitate a Buddha quietly is listenning to the voice of in the mind, I am just thinking what, is thinking to far go to of romance!Not~~I is at try very hard to of tell I to don't resume tomorrow before forever!

"The black dragon is understand!"

Take a man after scholar leave, Du's flying to see an eye an eye has been doing not deliver rather a Peng way:"Rather Peng, what problem do you have?"

"Just small parties person in the male house comes to say, the small male is respected a farmer lord to get lost the cousin of the Z country the small male originally just returned to believe in, the small male originally just was a gold Dan to expect of monk."See a red tail heavy male calm and steady face, acquaint with although the small Si of his personality is frightened,still said an affair with the tremulous voice 1 time.Because he knows, he this meeting if said nothing, that dies settle!

Those two lives that build a radicle to expect Taoist priest, however that handle saved the sword of flying of person met with calamity.Although rather Peng used dint,his fly sword after all is the magic weapon that flies to change the system into the treasure machine class after Du, so after two swords mutually hand over, that handle saves the sword of flying of person to break into 2 and falls on the ground to lose sheen.

Hope sunlight bottom golden light flickering"casino in Kinmen" is four big words, the jade is some shrunk back ground to pull to pull forget of outer garment:" Elder brother, we are still wagers not, daddy once said, gamble not good!"

The observation that the Du flies is how meticulous, the natural Chou saw that person's small action, set immediately took out a bottle of best Mao from the universe quit, the Ning opens a cap and makes the wine fragrant up in the air to send forth.

Like this do also not have no truth, after all is oneself to keep a big kid, how willing to give up marry so far, if stand on the kid's angle, the parents' thought is probably some to keep.In fine, I see an on the prowl of girl's sub- pain and sufferings of emaciation between the natural affection and the love, continuously shed tears, she hopes that the parents accept them, but is a so extravagant wishes.I can not help being just thinking, female kid finally how do a choice?Is to choose parents, still choice lover?The program approached end, parents resolute attitude, male friend expectation of look in the eyes, the female kid decides to break up and goes home with parents.If I saw a girl who cries to make a noise after doing decision, was he end heel male friend say take leave, male the friend still report a silk to hope of and the girl's parents apologize, want finally separate, the girl isn't willing to stand up with end of a time hopes, made the public all ground.Not should be a final outcome like this, my eyes capture tears and be like Cao clever say of she also not know why will shed tears, all probably have the regret to end like this to this love.In the pleased sorrow inside my heart three mix, pleased is she didn't give up natural affection, didn't neglect the parents' loving care from childhood, substituting of sorrow this to the regret of lover, how many affair occurrence like thises does this in this world also have?

"Bang!"Three monsters that are running about wildly person feel waist stomach the place spread one to devote major efforts and basically also stop not to live a step, the immediately inclined Teng flew.Although the gold is small to open is flick three Zhangs, too quick because of speed, with as for sound is like a voice.

Lin Wan Er how have calculations again, also is only a little girl, and Lin Ba Zi is also a farmer man, at the sight of this person, the town that flies a negotiation with Du in times before settles to immediately disappear, some panic grounds turn a head to hope to the Du fly, they can hope at the moment of, also only the Du flew.


", Father, I still forgot a matter."See the Xiao war ponder, Xiao south cloud suddenly on clapping a forehead way, " just on the dining table, the Du flies to put forward to want to accept after fly for the meaning of the Tu, however drive Hui son to refuse, afterwards the Du flew to send to give° the long knife after fly is a gift."

The room that passes by Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De's husband and wife, the Du flew a foot to listen to listen to the action in the building and only had two ring even breath voice, obviously 2 people have already slept familiar.Hear this circumstance, the Du flies and then no longer stop over and comes forward the room door of opening Li Dong Peng and walk to his before the bed.

Sink mind to immerse in the body, the Du flies to transfer first to work properly to know into to know sea.However the result is similar to what he thinks, after working properly to know to turn 1 turn, didn't discover what different.

Imperceptibly of, seal a Ling to walk to lead in the evening of the place , probably in the subconscious, seal Ling and then want to know, that eyes exactly belong to whose.

Although just there is such a very small change, but temperamentally give person very great dissimilarity, fire tooth the whole individual's imitating a Buddha is many a fairy of hard description works properly of spirit, became one super Be taken off to any dust of special existence.

From that later of every Friday morning, before 7:00, the river will definitely buy breakfast to send to doll dormitory.This simple action, he insisted for 4 years, though afterwards doll and senior separate, she need not early as possible wash those sports clotheses, though afterwards the course on Friday morning changed and no longer had already slept lazy feel fine time, he still keeps insisting.

The red hair up and down conjectures a gold small open, sudden way:"You how prove, is you it the gold that Be small to open adult?"In the words unexpectedly use last respect language.

And there is still the mood that another matter also makes the gold small to open becoming very good-previous when princess Zu of that summer ruins to fly boat, that top of the persons, such as black piece and little monkey...etc. might don't die very much, but similar to him be inhaled this super dreamland.Although here

"Like, don't wear a woebegone expression, I hereafter can't hard labor you are too exorbitant!"Hope the little fatty of one face sad look, the Du flies once the Hey Hey smile, then let out to gobble up of Yan, starts to be bright to start to burn frost to work properly Ding, although he has already recovered the machine that frost works properly Ding to work properly fat boy,still have to work properly to print absolute being to know to print to record in the Ding in frost, very convenient later operation.

"Yang Yun Cong damns, because he took to admire Maya.I can't be Yang Yun Cong, I can't make white your hair."The originally so sincere promise can be a joke.You finally avert from and avert from the commitment ever.Is the whole to be just game to you, we are still too small, the juniority is frivolous the reason that we evade a best responsibility.I use naivete to set free for you, clear is still a kid, unreasonable play to play house just.Your look in the eyes eyes at me under slowly move to open.Probably you didn't present to mind me, you think I am similar to you, together take "wooden blocks" with you just because of innocent.My shadow is gradual to is misty in your eyes, I know, one day there will, be we meet down the street, you will once wipe beside from my shoulder.You can't recognize I, because of, you have already forgotten me.

"Come back."See the Du fly to walk to come in, Louis Si master this just loosenned tone, pulled the Du flies of the arm sit down, loquacious, " I not is say not to want to lose whichever pupil again?You how don't understand my words, luckily you are really peaceful to come back, otherwise wanted my old life!"


This empty boat belongs to a very big tall ship, the outward appearance has a liking for go to like a huge shuttle son, the following of arc-shaped slips outside wall up spread densely a row to line up light Fan, have a liking for go to like is that one is full with the big fish of fish fin is similar.The inner part that gets empty boat is extremely luxurious fine, spreading on the hallway a kind of light can the Jian person's crystal, then hang many elegant art objects on the wall, obviously this empty boat isn't what ordinary people can ascend to get.

Chapter 79 didn't defend

My son is my son till he has got him a wife, but my daughter is my daughter all the days of her life.

Other several people all order, the nobody opposes a gold small the suggestion for opening.

Sea the Si embarrassedly coughed a , way:"This speaks of ……can have a very long history origin, hereafter have opportunity remaining then speak for you."

Very short several days inside, the gold is small the appetite opening unexpectedly enlarged a triple, stomach inside seem to appear a black hole that leads to different time dollar space, whatever eat to also eat not satisfied.The gold is small to open analytical for a while this kind of phenomenon, end get conclusion:Oneself acquired three people's gene, therefore the appetite also became three people's weight!

14 Affairs Death of the together dying of the Zhao ground on the Moor

"Du brothers, how did you return to house?"When the Du fly to return to Chen Jia, Huang Xiao E at the right moment takes money to rush through into shallow gulf and sees Du freely ask a way after flying.

No rose without a thorn.There is no rose of taking the sting not.

After opening eyes, the gold is small to open to every where conjecture for a while, discovers that oneself is to lie on a small room among, not big prison in the imperial palace, the heart neutrally engraves to breath a sigh of relief, know oneself wager to.

"The Ze just saw the so nervous appearance of that fatty, do I still think what good thing here will have."The gold is small to open just thinking wear, in the sudden heart a move:"Is not right!Lo that fatty should also don't money not darned slave to money, why also so rude in behavior?Perhaps really hide to have here what good thing!"


?"The fire tooth suddenly shouted low 1.

"Elder generation!"The Du flies for half month without appearing, 138 squad the member don't dare to disturb him quiet fix, but in mind all very anxious.See now once he appear and then withdrew from the self-discipline in succession and walked to him nearby salute way.

"Enter!How don't enter?"Butchering a big dragon to start is malicious, bite a tooth way:"Lao Tze arrives at here very easily, more than three year!Even if is dead to also want to go in and see!"Lift a leg and then hurtled into at that moment and recklessly.

"Like, work properly a stone to me, give me several more, give me some again evil crystal."See the facial expression that the Du flies earnestness, the Louis Si master wanted to think and then flew an order way to the Du.

Carefully defend 2 put on the chair one contemplates of shape, the Du flies to carefully continue to in touch.

BE completely without a clue bumping in the silver light for a few hours behind, the gold is small to open to finally feel that the front seems to have undulating of an energy one Shan but dies!Gold small happy medium exultation, also ignore that actually is what, immediately and then lift soon fierce hurtle pass by.

The fire tooth violently pauses for breath a burst of, hope be full of complicated facial expression in the look in the eyes that is small to open toward the gold.Was silent in a short while, fire tooth sudden way:"You are very strong ……your third eye is also very strong."

Leave after the living room, the Du flies nature to put again to work properly to know to peep, he can have no confidence at a don't know that the high level monk in front that is which state carries on peeping.

However she this the moment opening the door saw a person just at to jade at male favour on the hoof, this action is to so acquaint with, Tang can son can be once do, she momentary thoughted of Qian Xiao Qing, so just asking is a , but don't represent Tang this time can the son can literally accept two female kid together with jade at male to the zuo love does of affair of.

"What do you smile?"Hear after death light laughter, just some exasperation of Lien Chan's soldier immediately become overdo to go, it is a to wait to see and they about big young man, the Nu voice asks a way.

In the left bosom Yu of one side on listenning to, is more eager for action, see seal a Ling with the dialogue of left Huai, is also a fire up sprinkle oil, he also knows, the left Huai closes the border self-discipline after come back, now after closes, fix for really more win formerly.

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