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adidas wing shoes 12 That person of the Zhao ground The Man on the Moor

Thought of here, suddenly stir to have one regiment motion in the wave green heart, want to immediately order the moxa rice cancel Du to fly on the legal power on the airship.However at this time, the Du fly did a more let she shocked action, he opened the hatch of airship!

Money more sees more fierce heaven help oneself find back a face in front of Li Jun's this outsider, although appreciates in the heart remains in mouth not depend on not saying of Rao:"Depend, seeming you is much severe get."The fierce heaven also knows to hear in that money is much many temperaments, want from the his mouth the thankful words are really difficult to compare to ascend heaven, sees him towarding money to turn over to turn over cold stare to say chillily much and more:"Didn't ast least think that some persons so throw a person."Finish saying behind and then shut eyes to keep to have absolute being on the horseback.Money is much many a see fierce heaven this die a natural death not live appearance to get angry, however he also knows, oneself says to can't talk anything now and has to hum a plan horse but goes.

"Mr. Du, is your father O.K.?"Wait until vegetables coleseed to close a door to go out, "key link hand from beautiful" station starts to walk to the Du to fly a body a side, the tiny language takes to nervously ask a way to him.

jeremy scott wings These are exactly the eyes that seal a Ling

"This ……" wants to say to hate and allow Ting to certainly hate Gao Jing Bo to hate want to die, can say how to handle Gao Jing Bo, she doesn't know how to do again, temporarily wrinkly eyebrows, don't know how to decide.

Rounded to open the den of the earth Yin, flew boat to keep a facing ground to march forward.The gold is small to open to have already realized the external world of those hostilities for overseeing workers, however this for have flying of strong defence capabilities boat to say, basically not calculate what.Actually he at just and fly among the conjunction of boat, have already discovered six another uses that increase Fu cannon-defense!It is to just have pure of strong offensiveness, but the super strong weapon that offends to defend integral whole!


jeremy scott wings shoes Early in the morning today, take Chen first Huang Xiao E's husband and wife go out to sea to fish, item elder sister both the younger brotherses of Chen Mei Chen go to school and cross legs to sit to fly at the Du on the Chen Jia's side room bed and took out to work properly a stone from the universe quit, at surroundings put a baby who was small to smallly gather to work properly, then start absorbing spiritual influence, start to resume a dollar within purple mansion.

"Is incognizant?!"The gold is small to open a doubt of way:"That you just of the facial expression is still so shocked."

"The pupil doesn't dare!"See the Du fly to signal hint them to also sit down, green jade precious jade and small enjoy 2 people to hurriedly shake head a way.Fix true boundary but a place that pretty much pays attention to a backup, with their identities, really don't dare to fly with Du even rise even sit.

The person is just in-between to is a large crystal stone, in seal a peculiar insect son.That insect son about has long two Chinese footses, the whole body is pure white, look like is a meat insect, however back living a pair of wings, embellish an on the body circle spot.Although that insect son is sealed in the crystal stone,do not live ground to send forth an a burst of great power to undulate, obviously that is still a living creature.

jeremy scott adidas shop Pulled Han Qiu Ya to run, far far past, stay all the way the laughter of silver bell sort ……

So the woman of cleverness, understand also set up for not understand, still keep tolerating and enduring to let.

The by this time a burst of wing instigates of voice, the gold color card pulled to fly back and directly fell a gold small open of in the shoulder.Expect Luo Er after seeing this card pulling up now, the facial expression greatly changes, however also understand to come over at the same time, mumbling way:"No wonder that these silvery cards pull all so honest, there is originally and unexpectedly also aureate one ……but is it how can so close with mankind?I should can't be dreaming?"


jeremy scott adidas wings Don't say the fish clan of Mo Chou Gu and others already the attention turn to greatly show off for this period of time of China Wei believe in in the body, but say that the Du flies and China after strict 2 people fly an outer space, both parties Ning sign in the sky and respectively come together vehemence.

Possible Qian Xiao Qing also knows the problem like this is some to make people hard to answer too much, still less Tang can the son so just just got in touch with several times of Chu, Tang can the son can give her the answer have already been regarded as quite good of.

The gold is small to open big Hai, just wanted to step back backward, that dwarf one Zhang clapped in being small and opening a chest, the voice of skeleton ground crack was clear and crisp to spread, and the gold was small to open to even feel that a heat flowed to without restraint break his/her own internal organs and skeleton!The throat is one bitterness, one mouthful the blood that clip to take fresh and red broken bits sprayed out!

Of the sorcery teacher initiative came out the Shu private's defense strategies, all sorcery teachers also 66 continuously and continuously came out defense strategies, all of these sorcery teachers gave up the defense Tan of oneself to expose under the attack of the other party, even connect sorcery shields don't let out, they want to economize their the magic of one silk ten cents of their own bodies, can knock down the other party with it.

adidas wings 2.0 "Fairy!"The dog son came right away Inn early in the morning, however he has never dared up to disturb Du to fly, have been staying by the side in the down stairs big hall, see the Du flying down and hurriedly and smiling all overly facing up now.

"Arrive to before see, perhaps

There is a person in the center in the room be bound on the post.We can not see out is a male is female, because that person was received by the bed sheet.Only eyes and nose weren't received.


ralph lauren coupons "Need not took a lot of thinking again."After finishing reading voodoo, see the Du fly already drive five long grass stars the lock live and fully expose to satisfiedly say, " this five long grass star the sign is what my teacher creates, can isolate the whole mentality contact, unless you own as strong as my teacher mentality, otherwise you foolish forever at in!"

However these aren't just all, because after these superiors was born, and then was born a superior of eight star classes!

"Originally still wanted that notifying that the thunder receives is virtuous and Ni can 2 people, come back to see top one side and have never thought you to carry important responsibility with you, Be about to leave tomorrow."After treating to sit quietly, give a Ma Si master desire not that has some heavy topics and then converts a topic way before speaking about.

After leaving encampment a distance, the gold is small to open to find out a more safe place, climbs to in a high big"mushroom tree".The gold is small to open the crystal of opening oneself of cube, took out one from it regiment the earth vitality to recover from dollar within one's self body dint.The gold is for a long time small to open to feel his/her own the land that the body absolutely became one drought, what the earth vitality sends forth that continuously dollar dint just one infusion, immediately the absorbability went in and completely disappeared a trace and shadow.

ralph lauren outlet "Teacher not yes, " Du flies to shake head a way, "they live in the Sahara Desert, so I make them send to Egypt each time to divide a meeting there and tooked and then wented in the past again when the time comes!"

The gold is small to open now of the third eye finally no longer is incubate he is inside the body, but direct performance at forehead surface, only and for reducing the depletion of energy, all of his this eyes are to be placed in to shut to match status at ordinary times, only at need of time would open.

A youth is slightly some cant not bear to, hesitate a way:"The uncle of the teacher, we do like this, will can't too …… after all this up still has a lot of innocent persons ……"


ralph lauren outlet coupons "The I is the manager whom the Hong reaches a vehicle leasing company, this is Mr. Du?"Heel at six green after death of a person, see the Du flying to speak up and immediately stretching out to smile to face to come up.

See at present this act, all black evil persons are absolutely all surprised to be getting more foolish!The huge rhinoceros strength of that terror is the strongest, if change to make them to come to deal with, perhaps want ten a several people together up, just probably win-but now this guy that is "thin and feeble", unexpectedly just batter to death a while it, this how may?!

'Can there possibly be some truth in the story?'said Sir Henry.'Am I really in danger from such an evil thing?I think I am as brave as most men,but that sound froze my blood.But we have come out to catch that prisoner,and the Devil himself will

Who say to like a person certain

ralph lauren outlet The gold is small to open to hum low one to mean an answer, he is really to don't dare to talk now, only and perhaps an open mouth the strength in the oneself's body all to go from jet in the mouth.

PS:this chapter is today's renewal.Repaired more one chapter just today, tomorrow immediately after repair.

"Daddy, you this BE?"The overbearing pride of seeing the peacetime hurtles the Xiao of sky south cloud do so immediately some captivation grounds of parties, Xiao Hui and Xu tings to ask a way.


polo ralph lauren coupons "Come back."See the Du fly to walk to come in, Louis Si master this just loosenned tone, pulled the Du flies of the arm sit down, loquacious, " I not is say not to want to lose whichever pupil again?You how don't understand my words, luckily you are really peaceful to come back, otherwise wanted my old life!"

"Two elder generations have what problem?"Just Du after flying this follow to arrive at this galaxy feel unclearly where a bit not satisfactory, but concretely is where not satisfactory, his but again don't knows how to say it, sees a car wood 2 people obviously discover a problem now and then and hurriedly speaks to inquire a way.

Day after day busy, I just as in a hurry traveler, waste degree my dream's general time.When the time that I unintentionally see till the last a calendar lightly floating to fall in the open spaces background, I suddenly realize:I stood before the threshold of New Year again.I know, whether I wish, the breeze head quarter of years sends to I a day of newness, brand-new year.Hence, I am suddenly ill at ease, return to hope previously, always feel to be ungrateful to that time, but future day again so the Cu cannot compare with to defend the ground walks to me, I continuously remind to let this to come of the penny is an all lead vivid, all lead substantial and full.

"Roll!"Du's flying has never liked spirit ground to push away Lee just and walked into a toilet.

cheap polo ralph lauren "Hey Hey!"The eye sees his/her own opponent release defense, the Du flies to laugh behind one's back 1 in the heart, Yan didn't directly let out to gobble up, how wear must also make oneself opposite this arrogant guy to eat some Kui just go!

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha-"All monster persons bomb however the cachinnation get up, imitating the Buddha is the joke that heard had better smile in the world.A few monster persons even smile keep a dozen to fall, lie on the ground and all rise not.In whisper the confabulation of other monster people writes, often hope to steal one eye to these stars, was full of to disdain to hate with anger in the look in the eyes, however still have one silk commiseration.

The wishes that slices a request, but you always still lack the ability for clearly distinguishing right and wrong and usually make the teacher have some disappointment. Wish you chase the fine ideal conversion as actual activity, person only stand on solid ground, so as to attain glorious top!


cheap ncaa jerseys "Need not be over-courteous!I know that you handle affairs, I trust!"Because the car Xuan station has no falsely and supplementarily aside

Of violent.

The ï¼» is to don't entitle to still have no courageous ï¼½

I think that few people have it proper of reason.Most of people for avoiding lonesome raid, as a result in a hurry of the scheme succeed in escaping, but, you walk although quick, helpless empty lonesome walk than you

Taris Wenson "The surprised Hong clan is long to take it easy, if makes sure this time is really China Wei the person of the religion provoke, that I don't worry a valley to can't pass them, either!Expensive my both parties together goes, thoroughly uproots this and revenges for pupil and clansmen passed away in the misunderstanding when the time comes!"

Six green smelt speech don't answer, but raised a hand face up of receive a towel to dismantle, the fact speaks louder than words!

Is big 3:00, the school reported copy chief to set out campus news big close-up for me and hanged bed Lian for midstream line in the dormitory one matter to make me cover alone.A day night after the self-study, I along with gush classroom


Cheap Pandora Necklaces Because once talking everyone to fear to break this kind of atmosphere, at that time who couldn't wanton so.

"Only doing like this can truely attain to guarantee complete success."That old lightly smiles two, way:"Among the emperor clan of nine star empires there are many superiors who could not conceal, hear these year they more from invited some talented persons everywhere, and the recent world dollar dint changes violent, so even if they in the center burst out several none of the bestses of five ranks rare.For defend in case of, we have to annihilate any trace that may leave."

"Hum, really think that you don't worry there is 2 in valley match a body to expect monk, I afraid?This enemy doesn't report, I beautiful surprised Hong still how can the noodles is in the sea clan neutral foot!"Heart in dark hate a , the temper fierce beautiful surprised Hong immediately recruits the elder that expects to six honor and duties absolute being in clan to negotiate and prepares to offend to don't up and not worry a valley to calculate Zhang.

Finish saying the ruby in month turns head to Tang can son they walk to, in male's a figure of ruby that person looking at a month, the jade's sudden center of the chest is tiny tiny a painful, this is the month ruby to stay lasting figure is to oneself.That the uneasy emotion again and suddenly upsurge, imitating the Buddha has to drown he generally, but this emotion come of also go quickly quickly.

Cheap Pandora Charms "Burst!"Along with the blood jet, Wu Tian Kou a loose, immediately lost energy.But that the bandit being whispered see Wu Tian loosen, one feet his Chuai several rices are far, Wu Tian's body rolled to roll on the ground, motionless, obviously have been already killed.

Jade at male tiny tiny on smiling, he knows the jade is lovely just affirmation eavesdroped at the outside, this kind of affair she how the possible in the mind isn't nervous.

The current of air in a white, from seal the hands of Ling to burst out, relentless of the current of air is up in the air to send out Chi of the voice of Chi, 1.1:00 of close to toward the left Huai.


The gold is small to open a station before this, unexpectedly have the felling of a kind of asphyxiation!That seem face a connect a sky to connect ground of too thou Hong Huang huge monster general, extensive go to endless endless strength all over the place, the facing gold is small to open to flow out to come over.The gold is small to open to repeatedly retreat several steps, the facial expression becomes deadly pale, he still has never seen such fearfulness of strength, even can say even want to have never imagined!

The Du flies to get hold of a painting car Xuan the in front of the station, the car Xuan station then is silent a long time after, just the voice is tiny to take to bitterly say:"Boy, this be I send you of the first work properly a machine-concealed diagram!"

Section 398 may be pregnant

Chapter 3 vain space(up)

"Boon?"Listen to this flying of day one degree a true person at this time unexpectedly in the vulgar life time experience and training, any respects a true person not from one Leng, immediately sneer at 1 in the heart, see to is really the opportunity that the god wants to their Wu Dang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De, otherwise how can fly a true person of one degree to travel over the time of vulgar life time over there, let them know factual true facts!

To know six surname groups mainly depend on now of the cooperation colleague is the dust winter group.But the dust winter group of so these year always and six surname groups cooperate, is that the taking a post of the dust winter group CEO and six father and sons have a good relation, so just can make them be stained with some dust the light of group let for winter six surname groups the property shrink of the speed have no so quickly!

Two people almost are leading their bumping of his/her own true spirit fierinesses for same times toward the other party, the leaf sings breeze to feel a current of air of steaming hot gobble up a body toward he or she up, good body place the magma is general, the body was thoroughly lifted to fall off in the ground in the distance from the ground by this current of air.Sun Zhong's circumstance compare of leaf's singing breeze Be getting whatter a mess, the leaf sings breeze that violent in action have no the energy of leap his gold knife way way fracture, the blood vessels of his hands has at least half above was subjected to harm, because of body place half empty don't lend the place of dint, the leaf sang breeze this overbearing incomparable one punch is also bump what he bombed in the training field surroundings of protect a wall on, wall also because this bumps to appear cracked trace.

"I also gobble up of Yan!"Drive car wood 2 people act a to remind, the Du flew to immediately respond to come over.Their purposes are to procrastinate time for a minute, not is to defeat opponent now, so as long as promising that the in a short time refuses to budge and then goes, root need not consider other.

Drew out to just cover up the next shoulder bag, the Du flew to sit into rear seat, then looking at two beauties, one saw road, a driver, by leap and bound the place of facing safety drives.


"You return to rest well quickly whole rest whole, open for you to celebrate an achievement tonight meeting!"That leadership sees 3 people the face taking a tired color and then stopping the monkey business of others and smiling to three humalities that just returned from the space.

In the astrospace.

-Addison of Joseph(American writer Eddy livings)

Wanted packet, the Du flies to close a door and starts doing since the achievement, win is more unclear than city, is probably also him now this appearance.

"There is enemy that strike against my China Wei to believe in?Is Mo Chou Gu?"See Xuan frost rather the Peng wait persons all in the palace, seem at negotiate important business general, the Du flies eyebrows a wrinkly, sink a voice to ask a way.

Blood Mei the seed is maternal to take a meal need of"tool".

The eye sees own sorcery breeze book cripple cloud to be broken the shot by the sighing of angel and dark night nightmare, the method Zhang in the Ping Yue Shan's hand a flick to lightly drink a way:"The breeze copies!"Lightly drink along with Ping Yue Shan, in the sky immediately strong breeze your work, originally had some to resist don't live of breeze book cripple cloud well infused into stimulant generally resume a height of prosperity again of status, difference's changing don't end, when breeze book cripple cloud resumed the best status, air of breeze chemical element rapidly condense a , unexpectedly again formed a breeze to fasten strong scope sorcery breeze book cripple cloud.This is the breeze to fasten sorcery teacher to stand erect a mainland don't pour for several years of reason:The breeze copies!The breeze shadow is the exclusive stunt that belongs to breeze to fasten sorcery teacher, as soon as display resuming all energies that the previous sorcery consumes can also make duplicate a sorcery of original sorcery 80% energies, besides which, this for offend to defend isn't all very outstanding breeze to be fastenned sorcery teacher to say to absolutely is a magic weapon that protects a body.Ping Yue Shan be with lend this kind of stunt and blocked the sorcery of rose and jasmine down.

The gold is small to open hesitant for a while, way:"Should ……about."

"Is an elder!The bottom in"the Du flies to nod the surprise of affirming the Zhu Hua Dao person, then lightly says with smile, " flies some should have deal with long enjoy a true person of real strenght!"

These, be seal the viewpoint that the Ling robs a door to the war, in addition to oneself at in the war learning rob knife, didn't also get any east

Who would have thought that work properly burning although can not use indiscriminately, but fasten fire the power of sorcery to promote several, a second class fireball Shu, all comparable to thunder to receive virtuous emanative six class fires the dragon broke!This also at last benefited from adversity!


"All of these three pieces of rocks are old field areas of, may open a jadeite very much!"The stand lord eye pupil turned to turn and packed an appearance for deploring greatly, "3 pieces even if 5,000!"

Say the jade lets go of Lin Mu Xue at the male, 2 people embrace, the jade will originally have already didn't several buttons of at the male to untie, the one mouthful han lives that didn't°yet soft top.

However because of the cause that crosses a space difficulty, Ding in the sky space of practice moral teachings don't in time arrive to Qin Di's space.For all that, come together still keep being full of confidence at numerous who practice moral teachings here, in their eyes, this foot has 45100,000 huge a large sum of practice moral teachings, enough big summer clansmen of time immemorial fight fortress to thoroughly drown!

Qian Xiao Qing doesn't believe jade at male so the time will come from F room, because in regard to home currently Tang can son is already what all hand over to jade at the male, the jade goes out a string of words of door at the male, should also head choosing Tang can son of room of, oneself perhaps and really can't come here, and see the time that the jade come back at the male the whole individuals are all a bit tired, a drowsiness feels appearance, at present estimate if not that oneself lifts a words for coming to for him, his affirmation will directly go to bed of, the root can't run oneself this of, can say the possibility is infinite Be approached to zero.

"Like, go in, probably, you come out to return an ability an one side of your father of, I leave him for you."Water thousand Lians give repeated advice to a way.

"Like this treasure thing, the natural important event is no hindrance, " the second Se also return to absolute being from shocked and slowly fondle to fix mind absolute being and sink a voice in response to the way at this time, "however although our both parties has an universality the common run of people idea of self-discipline,form of government in the customs world is complicated, want to persuade their mastermind particularly the M country that holds for big country mindset several years, , not an easy affair."

"呯 !"The solid Lun does obeisance leader of alliance ruthlessly on striking table, let is relating these days of vice- president of association Shan Shan groundsed that fight a circumstance in the alliance to shut up.

"This time and different formely, they were it may be said Qing country but this time.After previous belligerence, we just know that these guys unexpectedly concealed real strenght.And their self-discipline methods have some unusual places, the father emperor's meaning takes

"Boon thanks your Ji speech!"Order, the Du flies should voice.Wait luxuriant after just leaving room, he just uses to work properly dint to give to have a knot boundary and changes direction to ask way to the green wave, "you come over is have what matter?"

"Certainly clapped, top space not easy, who know hereafter still opportunity to have!"Du flies to say photograph in mouth, in the heart but thoughted of to do exercises in gymnastics, inwardly disappointed not already.

"Tradition treasure thing?"Listen to car Xuan a station so on saying, the Du flies to confuse more in the heart, at the beginning can just on meeting, car Xuan station the precursor of the concealed bead the concealed diagram handed over to him, at that time he still at that time worked properly sword to work properly A so of did the commonness work properly a machine, but see now, obviously be not.


"What didn't you say?"Sealed a Ling to sink spirit to ask a way.

Looking at a teacher Louis Si anxious appearance, the Du flies to laugh behind one's back to shake and see to the teacher see to the fame still very heavy!

I remembered the case well.It had been a very cruel murder.I thought of this killer out on the empty,wild moor,and I felt more and more uncomfortable about my surroundings.The beautiful green fields with their thick hedges were behind us,and we were now on the cold,open moor.Everything was grey,hard and wild Huge rough stones stood on the hard ground.The tops of the hills stood sharply like cruel teeth against the sky.A cold wind was blowing,and night was falling.I saw Sir Henry pull his coat closer round him.

The gold is small to open to secretly complain of hard lot, helpless under have to past make a mysterious way:"This ……very sorry, this is the secret."

A well-known writer and friend buy newspaper on the newspaper stand, that friend's courtesy of said a voice to the newspaper hawker"thanks" but newspaper hawker cold speech cold face, have never delivered a to talk.

It is some to be afraid.

Sudden in spread a clear and crisp glass ground crack, be like what things pulverized a window.The leader of a group decides on the spot and return to body one feet

"Boon, that pupil right here waits a teacher respectfullly."Listenning to Louis Si a master has to rush through to come over in person, the Du flies heart in also rester assured, immediately visited to say goodbye to break off a conjunction.

In the progress, society's water rises a ship as well high.Think to be ancient, reach officer's magnate still and see not and up color television, use not and up refrigerator.At present, the common run of people spends 12 dollars and then cans get to the Internet and has a conversation in the world with the stranger of different corner!


The thunder absolute being Le beard cachinnation, way:"See appearance this forbiding a machine to indeed as expected decree by destiny with you."

"Like, you won, I make a phone call!"Wait a younger sister after being pulled up room, elder sister after urgently absorbing several tones, then stretch to telephone.


Sky all the city is an establishment on this empty island.

The gold is small to open fierce one loose hand, 3 people immediately took this opportunity to press in front door inside, listen to"bomb" of one is huge ring, the front door closes once again and breaks their 3 people and background to completely open.


Those people whom the gold small development makes track for out now almost is one practicing moral teachings of rank, but drive they make track for the big fellow of dozen the common run of people then, although the body is strong and healthy,the body practices moral teachings the under charge of to still have no to strike back in a rank of strength.Several bottom boxing feet go, those big fellows then bellow repeatedly and shout loudly to beg for mercy.

The vision that the Du flies at do Wu Ting in on sweeping, discover to have some assiduous generation just in the bitter bitterness self-discipline, the body form is one Shan, didn't disturb them, continued to get down Qian.

"You came out!"The wave is green is what stuffing ground to sit at this time at thousand of ex- hall in, see the figure that the Du flies finally appear in the grounds entrance, immediately and excitedly ran to pass by.

Took a ticket very smoothly at friend's house, waited six green take last airplane of take-off after, she just grew one breath, slanting pour on the seat to sleep soundly.

Seal to traverse need not see also know is who, can be so overbearing of, at long living a palace to also only have a left bosom of Yu.


"Du brothers, big dog and two egg their daughters-in-law is all nearby fishing villages of, their yonder fish prices are also pressed by the fishing company of those black hearts very low, if the Du brothers establishes fishing company, these three villages can become Du when the time comes providing goods ground of brothers!"

"Si-proud-!"Accompanying with one is depressed of blare to call, the red and brown magma in the magma pond bombs however sprays to flow out like a huge fountain but, the blazing breathing in a twinkling covered with the whole cave in!The magma in the pond like delivered a crazy sort to spread but, the drum concusses to flow out toward the all directions!

Chapter 81 guerrilla war

Resist for a sky, when the hands of Chen complete an end to together print definitely all over the body stretch tight tight durance to imitate the Buddha disintegrates in the in a flash, the voice of a voice ground crack gets abroad.

"Practice moral teachings?" The Shi tile praise highly a way:"Your strength is really very strong, connecting variation card to pulls can easily kill off, absolutely with light absolute being in the temple of the gods emissary have no two kinds."

"Staring at is very small green, don't make her leave a home!"Hear after son and granddaughter leave, the Suo pulls Bo to sink an order way, the air in the building suddenly produced later on a burst of twinkle, the in a little moment resumed equanimity again.

Comes together to have great power on the right boxing that the silver wolf raises Gao, let the rays in the air all produce to refract unclearly, look seem to have one regiment fire to burn on his right boxing.But at this time Han Qiu Ya already rush toward his nearby, the silver wolf then no longer hesitates and shines on her chest to very heavily keep on bombing.

"Idiot, your power of memory is also very bad.Still remember you while gobbling up Wu Leng Yai in the Zhang door whom the pole ice believes in on the earth, has he ever dropped to lead a bead son?"

"No one?"Chou the Chou station come out of woman, two sailor's mouths almost arrive ear, however they see outlooking sweet of when the jade still safely sit on the Du to fly a flank not from some disappointedly ask a way.

BE developing hotel to once have supper, the Du flies already and the fatty Be familiar to know.The fatty nameds to open widely Chuan, this year 30 many year old, old house is Jin province of, his small of time, the old dad stole to dig one small scaled coal mine, earn a great deal of money.Afterwards the national law is gradually sound, he also grew up and then stopped small coal mine and poured Teng real estate at the west.

But say that the last night, that green young master makes on coming in a lightning flash Pa after stubbornly going home of the voice ring, while one look noodles to permit a stylish women and hear a voice loudly come out come after, then and immediately the heartache ground walks over call way:"BE which blamedly asked for our lovely green sons, green son, you said for mama, mama gave vent to anger for you!"

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