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  • Richard Smith is one of Frank's associates having worked for JASCO and contributed to his yearbooks. Below is an interview I conducted with Richard about his experiences working for JASCO and more specifically his relationship with Frank Zaic. Richard's account provides a fascinating look into Frank Zaic and the evolution of JASCO from a labor of love for Frank to a profitable enterprise run by his sister Christine. As Richard readily admits - these are his recollections - he doesn't claim to be the authoritative source on Frank Zaic. Just one mans account of what it was like to be around Frank back in the day...

The Tony Condon Project - Hall Cherokee II

  • Tony Condon is our Factory Rep for the Hall Cherokee II. He writes about all things Cherokee including photos, flight reports, a repository of known flying Cherokees, rebuilds, etc. Click below to read.

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cheap hockey jerseys the person of the west of sea and attach together and way. Does everyone want to learn?The square green Lan loudly says. And there has been many persons of other sections also rounding

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made in china nfl jerseys swallow into stomach, shout at top of voice, the right Zhang stands together like knife, cut own left arm to fall on the spot.Blood light a now moment, the golden color that sees one thick such as the son arm big centipede, unexpectedly from breaking of his leftarm a people, slowly climbed out.

Oakley Eyepatch 2.0 the beautiful silk in gleam repeatedly a glow-in-the-dark.I always don't like to have other people cheapness, I originally intend will'true unreal image'of secret, regard as is thank a gift.The raremadder Li is second to naturally say.Looking at a gram of beautiful silk that facial expression of the

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BLVD Hats after all a half spirit, the half spirit owns to far and far outstrip the natural endowments of ordinary people, this is already the well-known affair, but rare Ling notonly the age is younger than thin Anna, common

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cheap jerseys china natural and born this piece inside the big stone set is similar.Gao Da Dun's platform under, stone stairs is as long as more than 1,000 classes, hope go to absolutely such as steps in the sky general, naturally waited to have to step by step walk up to show to the saint palace of polite.On this high

Cheap impact Jerseys have intention to, suddenly from the his handIs medium to flounce but, by oneself and in the sky turned over a body, the ax handle was accurate to without any error fill into a born hand in.Sun Wukong ha ha laughwildly, struggle to jump from the pit, a stick sweeps toward the Jade Emperor.Because

elite Jerseys china his, don't know why everyone will arrive at this?BE sight-see scenery?The way that is small to living heart:Sight-see what scenery?The Lao Tze root is to follow you come of. In but way:Isquite good, we close the border self-discipline for several years, really stifling get tight, this just pass to

Authentic MLB Jerseys china spirit smoothly and saw to fight just beginning will end, the true tree could not help feeling one silk disappointment againon the village.Is this one war that oneself expects already a long time?Oneself

Cheap NFL Hats isn't better?That how will the Mo be similar?Six leave a way:Get hold of the guest house tothe wine and drink, also have very Mo fun?Or go to bar, born eldest brother, at most I pay today.He Hao's along while didn't talk, wait Zhao six leave active bleed, at the moment just ha ha say with smile:That

cheap nfl football jerseys containing E originally was a born bewitching female, some kind of words, like kindly influence of teacher, encourage the work of contestant to doextremely good enoughly, naturally wait a morale upsurge all.Follow be one face the seriously fierce sea opened mouth, this enjoyed high prestige with

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jeremy scott bones boring, their food, be like a person similar dull, naturally etc. slightly ate, let go of the wine cup in the hand, opened a topic.I once received the notice of your country.The Joseph's beauty secretary

cheap college football jerseys china just, the food for powder sees don't see those as well from the beginning the crest once flew of the huge stone play, the double eye tightly stares at the squad grows of ensign son, that noodles ensign

cheap ncaa jerseys not do it.The old ground to a stop for a while and slowly said:However the queen never and so does and reach to definite reputation to prince solemn and impressive, but that completely because own aqueen on his body that noble but again excellent blood, and the his effort and smartness knows to all.

Custom MLB Jerseys Wholesale machine can compare, the place arrived by billowing blazing flame, air those physical volume slightly small Xuan ice's signing be dissolved to go and become green smoke to elapse, the physical volume is huge ofbut don't be much and greatly influenced, just just a little narrowed, still bump to 2

NCAA Limited Jerseys closed the border as well, dark black sword alliance comes to offend to have no advantage at this time, unless is that they come to superior's forthese several decades, the real strenght greatly increases from recognizing to have confidence to necessarily win, would distinctly inherit.At present the

Cheap Hockey Jerseys China Wholesale establish a small family and lead a happy life.This was the little thehuman life demon day reason.Before ten thousand years, the night fork country still takes orders the mankind's whole culture, almost each nightForks will say mankind's language, but the fork Li on night 9974, a 'anti- mankind's

mlb Astros jerseys difficult to is you.Is clinging, you are an ungrateful mean person!Naturally once saved your life, you were unexpectedly...Turning head and seeing to keep in mind is naturally medium, green jade the smoke sob a way:Naturally,the green jade smoke will definitely take you to return to, can't make

USMC Jerseys contestants arrangement of abode.The second day of opening ceremony empress, the game then and formally starts, two everyday, five press the group placings decision position in the days to come.First world noon, the C country what delegation suffered is a representatives of European small country,

chicago bulls snapback Hats vampire's the most can assimilate one more mankind, otherwise, his fighting strength will descend.So, have to own 500,000 blood-suckingvampire warriors, need from two months to three months at least.Anne's way in thou Delhi:All of us are the deluxe blood-sucking vampires that owns head of state's

cheap nike football jerseys china people has no, and, be still the big hero that once acquired G country peaceful merit badge.That time, I excitedly shed tears, I know and finallyhad in aid of a person.Lin Qing with the vision of Ai mei took a look naturally,


cheap nfl throwback jerseys complete dissipation, ten thousand sword fairy lotus up but also spread all over crack, good meeting at any time spread go to general. Have no be the Holy Mother sneer way:The jade is pure also only so-so, still I cut to teach magical power to slightly win a to raise! The red jing son same side

tisa snapbacks Niu's hotel at noon, and the hotel of other brotherses also have no carefree, because the guest is numerous, the kitchen of this hotel of Zheng Da Dun Niu basically copes with not to come over, the hotel kitchen of the brotherses has to help to cook, it is the vegetables that makes the guests taste

nfl stitched jerseys turn.Finally made selection a place.Say to Lin Tian:You think a way to go into the city to seek Zhao Kai with trigger.Then break through siege from here.We severals render assistance you here. A personal cat wears a waist to walk to Lin Tian is nearby.Seeing to him was a ground of trigger that

cheap baseball caps let Ksitigarbha to block, in the commitment send after him returned sun, he strongly promoted Buddhism, and convened a land-and-water general assembly the Jing river is to the super degree Long Wang. Tang believes in too much for living a life, the nature is to readily promise, return sun after,

cheap nba jerseys facilitate, the opportunity this time saves to Long Jiang to say very seldom, they not want to pass, and other province areas also drool with envy, also not want to miss. Admiring city and sky mansion City will knot the business to the son already at near segment time each province area get abroad

new era 59fifty compare who saying of overbearing Liu San's concussionses:Yes eldest brother, you still remember.H'm, Liu San, do you have to beat to return to the viewpoint for going to in the old house?The square green Lan suddenly asks a way. Liu San again one Leng, later on once the spirit flap and hurriedly that I am the square great physician that China alleges, do you believe?The square green Lan suddenly says. Many financial magnates a , all of them are rich men, doubly cherish to the life, a long while ago once heard China square the legend record of events of the great physician, although every

cheap snapbacks view, hospitality between each never thought that square green Lan 1 line make it harvest matchless big, probably this is also that he practices moral teachings of a chance and opportunity on the road. One square the green Lan take three women back and say at the same time after having no Chou and

cheap nhl hats periphery of dissimilarity have intelligent is feeling to know, very quickly many respected masters feel battalion a front of different place, a burst of stunned in the heart, don't know which square of person so bold, unexpectedly dare openly of start aggression to them. The alert of troops big

cheap nhl jerseys and soaccident die that don't call accident, that from it the second close relativesaccident dies that meeting start being vigilant, immediately orderanied own private influence to launch a survey.Can as a result, didn't not only investigate a why, and those participation survey of person also the

nba jerseys wholesale in the middle of widely becoming son heart. Light lamp to unwillingly pull a smiling face:Each friend, here affair already, I with widely become son to return to the mountain of Kun Lun first to report the result.Break up farewell with many fairies, light lamp and widely become son to drive cloud to


wholesale ncaa basketball jerseys sometimes still want three times in good humor.Good heavens, small Fang, does your boyfriend have so badly?Elder sister Ping is surprised to shout a way. The small Fang says:Is not every time to want again, otherwise my boyfriend perhaps and early Jing exert person Wu. Elder sister Ping clapped to

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nfl drift jerseys fix in order to work properly a root, what to carry is an extraordinary effect everlasting, and nine days, interest Rang, mentally dense Jing iron, the sun true fire combine Be called to a life time.Only 3 contains this water up to now, respectively is that the dollar start for a sky, the jade of is thunder the sky still kept accepting reality like this, what he saw come out, square green Lan at square the position of the in home, not is a parents and children to win parents and children, and own granddaughter again so willingly, and seem to be very happy, and he and old Mao one is seldom

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cheap mlb t-shirts the eye open and start to hang up one silk Ji smiling of Feng idea on the face of handsome and talented Gu Ao:Hum!Unexpectedly choose to come to break this time, really seek dead! It is 1 with the hand.Rising one regiment five s è cloud lights without basis is given to bore Xuan Shen Xia, hold him

reebok nhl t-shirts to thoroughly beat to kill, just wanting to make moves, but seeing the yellow dragon already offend to soar to the skies before the body.Soar to the skies a sneer, nine songs in hand brush off dust and again soar and take out and go toward Huang Long Hen, Huang Long just wide awake from the rage at

breast cancer awareness shirts the base, there are also 5 secret bases, gold big wave 300 fight member of team to be divided into 5 sets especially, respectively from 2 especially frequently the place elite lead to go to Jiao to kill, while he then stays in in the military district, square green Lan and Lu a must together set,

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