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Richard Smith Interviews

  • Richard Smith is one of Frank's associates having worked for JASCO and contributed to his yearbooks. Below is an interview I conducted with Richard about his experiences working for JASCO and more specifically his relationship with Frank Zaic. Richard's account provides a fascinating look into Frank Zaic and the evolution of JASCO from a labor of love for Frank to a profitable enterprise run by his sister Christine. As Richard readily admits - these are his recollections - he doesn't claim to be the authoritative source on Frank Zaic. Just one mans account of what it was like to be around Frank back in the day...

The Tony Condon Project - Hall Cherokee II

  • Tony Condon is our Factory Rep for the Hall Cherokee II. He writes about all things Cherokee including photos, flight reports, a repository of known flying Cherokees, rebuilds, etc. Click below to read.

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[url=]custom nba jerseys[/url] say, the farmland provincial governor is me stem brother-in-law.The square green Lan doesn't conceal as well, now that want to bring together 2 people, have to the open heart mutually treat. Green Lan, bothers your generation I first ask one toward the farmland provincial governor good.The Yan vast

[url=]cheap jerseys free shipping[/url] Jians, this is what circumstance, the southeast allied troops really become pre-eminent matchless, or have already sheltered in the real god under, feel limitless might of god, really don't already is a surprised Han. The everybody thinks that necessarily you have already known this matter, now how

[url=]nhl t shirts clearance[/url] distemper say after one Leng:Go to yours.Like like, just also joked, seldom chat some jokes in my office, alas, also only have together just can like this have a chat with you, H'm, all of country you stay in the mansion in sky for a night tonight, I invite you to have a meal and is regarded as to

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[url=]cheap nba jerseys[/url] connects the beginning of , , the astronomy style is still not very perfect, the common people usually hold up an agriculture.Therefore the Yao organizes a specialized personnel summary the people of the past's experience, make Xi, and two clan Zhang astronomy.Circulate to wait natural phenomena and

[url=][/url] bewitching fairy in a short instant died week sky more than 200, leave of the person is also a severely wounded. 12 Zu sorceries aren't pleasurable either, not only was subjected to strategies anti- bite, even drive strong energy earthquake the body suffer from severely wounded, is all scales and

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[url=][/url] the biting at of dead dead Lin Tian's interstellar battleplane, and see appearance is also don't reach purpose Shi not to give up. Canning be mobile in the high speed is very obviously medium, still use radar can good carry on for taking aim at place, this compare gram the person is absolutely the

[url=]breast cancer awareness shirts[/url] hall.Liu San Gong's voice says. H'm, that you go to.The square green Lan put to put to say. BE, eldest brother, that I this took leave.Finish saying Liu San turns round the office of leaving the square green Lan. Chapter 634, once the country faced to test square green Lan a few light words

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[url=][/url] quick come to one to let people frightened news, yes, the religious influence that takes absolute being as to believe in. BE felt by the heart to worry to this influence, if the words that really depend on that existence don't pull a clan to want to capture the whole mainland, the initial condition


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[url=]Oakley Eyepatch 2.0 Sunglasses[/url] attackstone Kaiespecially.As for the shell Er Di Nuo, she is already generally accepted Pope to inherit a person.This thinks the affair of all hard imagination to the other people.To her, but is a naturally should have a position.Even if connect those two archbishops who is originally promise well

[url=]Throwback NBA Jerseys Cheap[/url] strange temper, its love eats the brains of animals with raise oneself's capability, still like to kill a snake insect at the same time, is just that kill notto eat.No wonder that this snake insect in the valley almost disappeared completely.Huang Ba suddenly be like think of what, we still had a

[url= ]Cheap Tiffany Bangles[/url] son has no, you the green city send this trifle?Wang Kai sees deplore greatly already very, this piece offalling a soul stone is his only method machine, the inside love is like life, unexpectatively andunexpectedly be raised hand to ruin in normal times.His pouring isn't a simpleton and see a

[url=]Cartoon snapback Hats[/url] was full of painful and annoyed.The demon asks a way again.The mankind own creative power, they will become more and more strong, but our spirit one clan have already walked to the edge of Shuai Wu, our clansmens are really carefree living, but they more and moreclose, my home tow-The spirits of

[url=]portland trail blazers most popular nba jersey 2013[/url] the true tree, way:Execuse me,father invited their two people, you 2 can not enter a house.Mary Jue rises a small mouth way:The child of the row, even can I not enter, either?I am a representative police come of.The row child shook to shake head, way:Execuse me, this is the father's order.Various Ge

[url=]oakley gascan polarized[/url] also havingno of the soul Shu several people with this kind, the superiors of just evil each parties all calculate up, also however 10 people's number.It is small cold to smile 1, stretch hand and deploy 1 F to forbid to make.This forbiding to make particularly can resist this kind to search the Shu

[url=]nba world cup team usa jerseys[/url] It is the Shu of chain spirit to is small to living what to learn, far compare the father in those early years as Gao, although have already had 50% fixs for of purple mansion Xuan Gang, still haven't started self-discipline dollarabsolute being, he also from the Mi book of all things of the

[url=]adidas wing shoes[/url] condition of only have boon Lai section is a person.But her(he) a person's will can not disobeythe Ao whole field at all so many people's will, much less sea space Ai Luo and the will that rice Lin reach are still specially strong.Seeing the Zhao sea space Ai Luo face a top obviously must write Zhao


[url=]Oakley Monster Dog[/url] hole in the town and fly a red and blue two milli-s of s ès only, a spool of without basis, send out a huge vacuum force, such as long the whale absorb water a sort and accept to walk 20,000 different clans, this just flies cloud neutron hand once in. Cloud neutron once connects flower basket, with

[url=]cheap dallas mavericks jerseys 2013[/url] otherwise this time still true difficult to do, so, we first the etc. is mainly to give vent to anger for you this time, I at part looking at.Wang Nan stretched one to block a waist, someone early moved to come over a deck chair, Wang Nan lies up, leisurely and carefree of and alongside the person

[url=]cheap boston celtics jerseys for kids[/url] of occurrence, even if is a sage is also hard to know an affairs in it, after all here but the fair-minded empress' rite, control a transmigration of soul world, which dare to make a mess of here, absolutely be don't want to live, even if is a God's way is also be good friends with to rarely protect,

[url=]Wholesale State Property Hats[/url] method, my host is that you can understand, ha ha ha, now know afraid, however night, the host are meetings, however is not now either, you are to could not see, the host's real strenght make you able to can imagine, now still nurse good yourself, this kind of arouses will at 1:00 use all have no,

[url=]groove new nba jerseys[/url] list brushes off dust with a handle, let oneself's magic weapon exert, and his body up of many difference treasure, where is oneself his enemy? Soaring to the skies can ignore to light lamp a person to think what, a see to light lamp the fiesta of a person to rise settle sea bead, the fury in heart

[url=]miami heat jerseys for women[/url] Xiaos, cloud month treasure wreath diaphragm shows, the fairy Buddha old demon tries to compare Gao and finish square the English recruit and match to fight gold my bird, white the Ze account to receive and struggle hard a Buddha old demon. Many fairy Buddhas a connect Dou seven hours, situation

[url=]Rebel8 Hats[/url] fly but return. But at this time that riotous flower petal already fly to the Pu to lift old Zu before the body, the all flowers fairy eye sees old Zu of bodhi have never put the garland of the surroundings in the mind, the corner of mouth is tiny to start to hang up one silk sneer.Lightly drink 1:

[url=]Cheap Hockey Jerseys China[/url] guards, however, that all for guarding this small area of, it has to have a related certificate, can plus the buck tooth younger sister's outlooking of this wood's house really with the free discrepancy is terror, so those guard even if is want not to remember all difficult. According to these guard

[url=]MLB Hats australia[/url] was what position. Once this sentence speak, none of other several individuals talked, they but saw recording image of whole distanceseses of, that guy is really abnormal strong. The Bill Huo man tidies up Lin Tian for getting rid of the bad influence that the previous Prague brings he or she Prague

[url=]cheap new tampa bay lightning jerseys[/url] a few mountains and follow them, with accumulate thunder mountain the demon should outside match in soldier under, take down south to look forward a continent to can be expected soon.Good!Smell Zhong Zhang with the boxing Lei: Press elder sister Shi say, that Huang Fei Hu etc. went into I to once

[url=]wholesale pandora necklaces[/url] absolute being in the eye only doesn't live of flicker??Obviously measured a lot of affairs, certainly the reason is still very of impressive-looking of, is very comfortable. In fact mainland all countries also want to participate in into, only in times before because church strong dint Zu the shot

[url=]Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys[/url] became saint and opened a tuition way at the purple Xiao temple, up to now already numerous ten thousand yearses, in former days 3,000 purple Xiao temples hear of guest, in addition to the six greatest saints go into outside, basically die of about. Only also there are only limited several dollar

[url=]iphone Hats[/url] short while shows person's form, a short while shows the lion elephant 犼 form, and person's form and monster copy a without intermission alternative text extremely bodhisattva to keep lookinging at vacillating three fairieses and say with smile chillily:Nie Zhang, doesn't Er etc. still show

[url=]Music Snapback Hats[/url] move someone now stares at in the dark place and has a Prague at first, oneself's milli- has no knowledge, so who knew to still have the second the third was like a Prague person like this? Although these grams of Long persons joined their own troops participation contrast gram the person's battles

[url=]youth NBA elite Jerseys[/url] The exiguity wears place.Sign to turn blood.The Zong is a fairy.It is difficult to escape gains and losses. The gentleman says with smile in the daytime:The raging flames of I

[url=]Boss Hats[/url] home this time how also get to need more some days here?As long as the department inside doesn't have important matter, my time is very ample, with you arrange.Square green Lan way. Widely and all ordered to nod a way:Know the way of resisting the person, stem rising to is easy, I think an other


[url=][b]canada goose outlet sverige[/b][/url] But I still want to Talking about my new station Baidu and Google on the level of awareness of the problem. Now these two competing search engines can be said to be very intense, even though we all have a crush on Google, Google's personalized feel better, such as the new station's revenue problem is there is no human intervention, almost K Station phenomenon is rarely, if your station is K, then it must be cheating the station. Google's new station revenue is very fast, as long as one day's fastest time, greatly improve the user's experience level, and then if the site has a virus or websites have been linked to horse, Google also will be timely to remind everyone..
[url=][b]canada goose jackor[/b][/url] Below are two kinds of Thinking types of features: When you tend to be systemic thinking to deal with the problem, you will go from a whole lot of big picture understanding and analyzing events, emphasizing the things that the importance of the different components, including insight into the interaction between structural context. Emphasis, when you think about the relationship between cause and effect, giving people keen sense of broad vision, when you tend to think about the actual type to deal with the problem, you will attach importance to the outcome of treatment after the incident occurred more than the entire process, emphasizing the things that directly and fast practicality and effectiveness of courage to strive for achievement when you think gives people practical, decisive and lively sense of the results shows that you type in the actual type of thinking pragmatic thinker and logical thinking logical thinker belong to score the highest score obtained, both Among you are not particularly inclined to one of these types, which means that you will face in different situations and different problems, select the actual type of thinking or logic-based thinking to deal with things. Below are two kinds of thinking types of features: When you tend to be the actual type of thinking to deal with the problem, you will attach importance to the outcome of treatment after the incident occurred more than the entire process, emphasizing direct and quick things practicality and effectiveness of the courage to fight when you think about the results, giving people practical, decisive crisp feeling when you tend to think in a logical model to deal with the problem, you will focus on rational analysis of the causal relationship between the event and the underlying assumption, therefore you prefer to explore the confirmation, giving people a rational, serious sense of the results shows that your systemic thinking and systemic thinker thinking convenient thinker random pattern obtained scores belong to the highest score among the two you do not prefer one particular type, which means that you will face in different situations and different problems, select the type of system thinking or thinking to deal with random type thing..

[url=][b]canada goose barn[/b][/url] 2000 year, the U.S. National schools use GSHP system saves the amount of energy equivalent to 25 million yuan U.S. Dollars, decreased by about 500 million pounds of emissions. Therefore, most of the snow Yan doing now should pack a good mood, tidy messy emotions road again. We do not love luxury, but at least you can have a warm heart. Only when you warm enough, you will have enough strength to infect the people around, including your daughter reshape life is reassuring but there is also a hard one works, I believe that snow Yan will do well..
[url=][b]billig canada goose jacka[/b][/url]? Except three in the middle school in the city some of Socialist Youth exam candidates studying in the field back to the parents fear children are not familiar with the exam environment children waiting at the door, the rest of the examination room during the examination candidates parents could barely see the figure. Former Hill Middle School is the city up to the candidate's examination room, a total of 708 candidates. 8:45, the school candidates have entered the examination room, the door Parents do not have a middle school in the city three in the examination room, suffering from rheumatoid and ankylosing spondylitis and hunched like Xie Hui also under the care of the students, as usual, has successfully completed the first day of exams in the examination yesterday Reporter Candidates are mostly seen smiling, they answered reporters maximum sentence is can also be...

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