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Sir Henry and I jumped up at once.

"Senior clerk, I am a clear son more.The Du that you have to seek flew to have news!"The telephone is that voice that spreads more clear son some delightses, he feels he this time is have a great achievement.

"That what car do you want?Is domestic?"Listen to the Du fly of words, six green green one Leng, having never thought him is still "the anger is green", talk tone not from

The Du is shallow to leave a school, we have never said a words linked to engagement just before walking, I even didn't send him to the station.But I know I have to live fascinatingly to get up for the sake of him and wait until I become truely black swan, I would proudly stand at him say to him nearby I because of he but outstanding beauty.

Li Yan looking at the leaf of one faces firm facial expression to sing breeze to have to a bitterness to say with a smile:"Now seem also can so, after all at present this war is the most important.Everyone here wants to come to all have no so simple background, we face to be absolute being now, I hope that everyone can make concerted effort of spend this difficult situation, hope everyone can give up personal personal grudge and notify this affair influence of oneself's back."Li Yan's words get to publically and unanimously agree with naturally, the momentary small scaled evil monster used in various long distance correspondence flies from this sea beach in succession to each place in the mainland.

"Is surprisingly you this bond maid more and more had the general manager's manner at present!"Slightly push away a door, six green persons didn't°yet now, the laughter has already floated first to come in.

"Chen Zhong sends two people to classify a bureau to the B with me!"Come out office, Han Qiu Ya goes to Chen Zhong that ordered a , then took two criminal police member of team to drive a car to rush through to go to B area.

"Unexpectatively, I seal to more leave to keep one's promise, can make the whole way Ji believe me, but can not make own son believe me.It is really funny."More leaves seldom a burst of sigh.

"I always can not arrest a monk to ask you to have to match the monk that the body expects here?"Hear the car Xuan blaming and scolding of station, the Du flew wry smile to explain a , later on positive color way, " however explore a treasure with evil palace this time, pour is experience the fairyland of Peng Lai at least half of real strenght."

As an employee, if can not become a Lao mold to, so, pay the labor of to must is also a kind of docile since the wages.

"Elder generation, can you help me to in brief introduce sorcery system?"The Du flies to curiously ask a way, " I still keep knowing not a thing to this."


Along with the emergence of that gold color light pillar, the tremor of ground is getting more violent, seem to be in the deep place of the earth, have what bouncer eager for action, try to break ground but.

Five people surround once again this time, the situation greatly changes!The gold is small to open to feel that they became Wu Lin's superior a while, the one punch was a to might it not be have tremendous power, even surging but rise of the strength spirits all start letting oneself's dyspnea, double the eyes are piercing!And let more small open frightened BE, these people are obvious meeting the effort of"with bare hands go into knives"-just several time for facing to face personally, own crystal blade is three times captured!

This kind of wandered about a general trip to seem to carry on numerous yearses, the mentally dense energy delivered more huge, finally it seemed to feel sick of this kind of monotonous but tasteless of life, hence then stopped down in the position of a certain branch space, started getting into one category at the status of deep soundly asleep sleep.On the time in its dormancy, some thin ground and tiny can not the mentally dense energy of Cha shed off to go out from its essence, is spread the astrospace that the Yi arrived the external world by the exit of branch space in.

Face several days before going, I take return to my own small volume, discovered very shockedly while browsing in the evening plum give one of my photograph and a message:

The 撐 Yi Fu Zhuo Liao liver lies the Su Chuan fraud Cong Qiang Xi Mi Yu Ya Lou to hinder to forgive U Liao ⒎ and Huan Nian to escort male Yin Jian the Henry's jazz of Mei to say, the voices are all shivering while talking.

"Should try x-rated sorcery!"The Du after flying to try three second class sorceries over 1 time hereafter turns over one page again the sorcery personal letter and flew to still expect very much to the x-rated sorcery Du of, hoping don't be like second class sorcery so, recruit out a dog, one stub anthropophagi flower and a piece of megalith.

Sea the Si once connected that dint egg and said with smile:"There was this thing to provide a dollar dint for remaining, open of space passage enough your owner pass in and out several times.However connect down is going to of space you have to choose like?Always can not have no a purpose to literally jump indiscriminately."

Does the 撉 Guo silkworm chlorine グ mulberry μ Shu ┮ pay ?rdquo;The Holmes says, he still shut eyes to sit to sit backward.

onnection with existence we fondly flatter ourselves, is an indissoluble and lasting union-a honeymoon that knows neither coldness, jar, nor separation. As infants smile and sleep, we are rocked in the cradle of our wayward fancies, and lulled into security by the roar of the universe around us. we quaff the cup of life with eager haste without draining it, instead of which it only overflows the more objects press around us, filling the mind with their magnitude and with the strong of desires that wait upon them, so that we have no room for the thoughts of death.

Not the words come.

"Ha ha, I am this time to come and isn't public affairs, but just a private affairs."The Du flies Dong Qi Min just of the reaction see clearly, the heart knows that what cat this guy may have to get fed up with, however he is lazy to take care of more, directly explained purpose.


That fishes for after sign line complete, immediately and then from Mo several dint start.One after another of the sign line is shining but rise, "wave" ground 1 turns to make a Tao Kuang point to suspend and constituted an orb that the ray of light constitutes on the deck.Divided the line on that orb the small light of the innumerable space, and will under of grand canyon geography the big and small entirely presented.

"Daddy, do we admit defeat so?"Wait a car brigade summer house, Li Su Mao hated iron not to become to hope silly son, Li Heng Yang, at the side of body's one eye just, then twisted head to ask a way to father, Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Xun, .

There are some apologetic ways in the orchid degree:"This, very sorry, our identities really isn't now reveal, so still please two don't be offended."

"If want to let she contribute to lift a hand to quantity on her own initiative, perhaps have a little a difficulty."Rice Mr. Zhu knits the brows a way.

The place concealed for flying Du.

"Boon?"That monk that is named a head isn't one Leng, obviously do know that the Du flies why so talk, however the Du flew to since and generously hand over chip, they naturally also connect next.

Indeed as expected having no in a short while jade to also snare at the male is a , however is the consistent derision that was subjected to everyone, only the week is good clever with Mu grew to living two brotherses don't smile, because just Mu sea because of what to snare is a probably three catties of multiple fishes, but jade at male this time snare unexpectedly not arrive a catty of heavy fingerling, this kind of hook that snares sea fish original big, telling the truth can snare so small fish just be really difficulty.

"Yes, elder, give Ni to know!"Give Ni hurriedly Gong body way, then again the elder wave hand to signal hint bottom

"However aunt Ting got married, and still borned a younger brother, it called after fly."The Xiao Xuan at a stretch finishes saying, then has some to nervously hope Du to fly.

Just followed Xin Ji's president of association to walk to the other five planets of the sorcery association strong there sit properly, the Du flies see the five planets of war alliance strong walked into hall, before or after only 5.

However see her appearance know to conveniently see, affirmation is idea to see especially, but everyone can't reveal this time be, otherwise everyone can't have what pan out well of, everyone who will make is together embarrassed.


Chapter 7 summer clan returns to life(bottom)

The relatives of a good friend works in the domestic affairs bureau, the report anticipates to call the divorce rate of"80 after" of now is 2 times that of matrimony rate, ever with one friend the net chatted marriage, this problem, he said that the pass Jian that the marriage lasts long is to can truely share common ambition and goal, the depth communicates, each other appreciates with love.Agree!I am a very traditional person, inside also congenitally suffer from suffer from losing, in the marriage love in express very a pig, rejoice of BE, I really be satisfied with my marriage come of more late more good, single, there is enough ability, money and time deciding his/her own life, undertake various correct and false decision, need not depend on others independently life, but I don't refuse marriage, just is slowly deliberating how to own fine marriage, the marriage is a kind of responsibility, to the individual, family, society, the marriage is also mutual love.I am also very ordinary, hope to have the husband to love each other on the life road, outstanding sons and daughters, kindly parents, companion my whole life is one a life time.

"Murmur!"The Yang that the gold color Ultrasaurus satisfies Yang neck, be like just ate up a piece of delicious pastry.The body is placed in an Ultrasaurus under of the gold is small to open to feel body in suddenly a hot, seemed to have to what things and suddenly drill into own chest part.Ultrasaurus after swallowing and making to resist to equip, slowly spread go to constitute it the flame dollar of that huge body dint, soon and then and completely disappear at among the air.

She got up head Yang and suddenly saw a deep blue sky and also had don't know who throw of a balloon of pink is hanging in the treetop.

Six green see the Du fly very quickly from the house in come out, some in the heart oddness.However, after waiting Du to fly to launch car, she just responds to come over and has some worried tunnel:"Did not you want those original stones?"

Looking at several helpless individuals, butcher there is some angry ways in the big dragon:"Is really a few useless small dolls, the real strenght is unexpectedly so weak ……"

Appear at at present of, unexpectedly is a bloody one battlefield!In the scope of square number thousand meters inside, scatter on Huang Sha in the ground cripple the limb break arm, splash to fall the blood on the ground to evaporate in the heat and let to was full of a bloody red fog spirit in the air.BE fighting of, is several ten and a flock of huge monster!

Downfall on best island of opposite environment, the Du flies to let out absolute being to know beginning to explore to go to the waters of surroundings and want to see if the neighborhood still has what more suitable islet.

"Boon?The Du flies!"Follow a summer if signaling hint of Xi, the summer blared snow to immediately see the Du of doorway fly, immediately hand a tremble to release a summer if Xi immediately come forward to hold tight the arm that the Du flies to excitedly shout a way.

Old man double the eyes give out light:"?!This pouring is that the idea is surprisingly, originally thinking would not° until time in last a hundred years also get for a sky, Lu evil stone, have never thought ……ha ha ha, see to is really a God to want to let my clan afresh renew among all spaces!After, your putting energy is looking for for a sky more, on the Lu evil stone, only let the absolute being regard highly new circulate, then my clan can truely be placed in an environment of safety, other clansmen recovery, can postpone for a while."

"You eat, I still need to check legal case and went first to go to work!"The hard nut to crack contains the way to understand definitely, Han Qiu Ya's 35 people her in front of simple finish eating for breakfast, then Liao next words, the breeze breeze fire fire the ground went out.

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