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  • Richard Smith is one of Frank's associates having worked for JASCO and contributed to his yearbooks. Below is an interview I conducted with Richard about his experiences working for JASCO and more specifically his relationship with Frank Zaic. Richard's account provides a fascinating look into Frank Zaic and the evolution of JASCO from a labor of love for Frank to a profitable enterprise run by his sister Christine. As Richard readily admits - these are his recollections - he doesn't claim to be the authoritative source on Frank Zaic. Just one mans account of what it was like to be around Frank back in the day...

The Tony Condon Project - Hall Cherokee II

  • Tony Condon is our Factory Rep for the Hall Cherokee II. He writes about all things Cherokee including photos, flight reports, a repository of known flying Cherokees, rebuilds, etc. Click below to read.

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cheap nike miami dolphins jerseys Should really also response way:The mayor Wang, bear market is long, should some also very happy know you, sometimes we much exchanges exchanges, H'm, you are first busy, I go out and see. At this time, the square green Lan says:Being old should, you don't walk first and have opportunity to know

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canada goose snow mantra To the Christian view, these people may be evil spirits or Satan. Man's nature is good philosophy can not be placed on their heads; these representatives is born evil. Even with higher education or a noble family background, slut has done always against humanity, Cantonese is Lanzi Yes to stir feces stick..
billiga canada goose In the various efforts, this lifesaving unnamed good brother finally found - he is the driver of the bus Taxi Co., Fang Cao kind. In the Taxi Day after the closing of the first three days, followed Yunguanchu staff reporter Xu old woman came to the bus company by a repeatedly confirmed the details, the old lady is determined Cao kind Fang her into the emergency room at the back of that pilots her profuse and bus company sent a silk banner Assistant General Manager Ma Qin Feng told reporters, Cao kind Fang did not report the matter to the company, only to be a good one with his brother, said, it has been unable to check up. That the man at the closing ceremony that the old lady is looking Cao Fang species, this informed the company..


doudoune canada goose canada goose femme canada goose pas cher Rene to hug Bobby Chen, Chen Sheng rejected, Rene allow fans begged him to help her friends posts, see here, when the direct Tears ran. Tea busy lyrical, Chen Sheng-gag, like the happy child. Had to stomp smile, clutching had to proceed, even shed tears not give the opportunity, really, Each has his life hit nemesis..
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pandora beads sale work properly sorcery?I?I have to study dead to work properly sorcery, in those early years, I drive harmed to almost pay with the life, O.K.was at that time mistaken for a corpse to threw in to cover up corpse pit, originaI think I am affirmative to have no a life, didn't thought of a personal

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cheap vans hello kitty flank on jumping, under the control of dark and red drop of tear,his activity is very quickly intelligent.However and after death that strong wild beast compare with, he still has rather.If isn't that wild beast more be eager to the host's words that rescue it, boon Lai the life of the section early

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jeremy scott x adidas originals sit on the dining table a front of boon Lai section in uncomfortable position, themomentary at a loss what to do gets up, the front door of captain room opens, he pours is really want to escape.But have here, a gram of beautiful teacher Si escapes a successful opportunity is almost zero.Although

wholesale ncaa jerseys successful now.Connect next would be the second step, however thatwill be dangerous Be getting more, make oneself feel the tough most , nothing is better than too terrible at those two people's real strenght.And two of them once cooperating, the use forbids to curse sorcery, besides which, , have no

cheap nba jerseys from china keep company with a total dance of Azrael together with you.I believe here of each person have already owned dead awakening, probably this would be we are finally of combat.However I will spare no effort toseize victory with all strength before dying approach at least.Make reference to here, the sea

vintage basketball jerseys be willing to body side, see itspersonal status seeming to be taller than Ke Er Ke.Naturally cannot help but and saw his several eyes, heart way:Six wing angel is the road Er virtuous?Ha ha, probably he is


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autographed Jerseys Cheap that elder sister.Naturally nod a way:I also think like this, can that person's capability at I on, I would not° until wait the opportunity of accommodation make moves.2 people dialogue that woman already urgent thousand times, that is several to is like a gram theblack knife to particularly

cheap 2013 super bowl jerseys therefore have been tightly staring at golden light outside of thicThick it snows, the double eye doesn't dare slightly in a sudden.The gold Bo being small to living to direct ten thousand Luo was unwillingly ex- to go in the accumulated snow a burst of, the sea isn't intentional to suddenly feel

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cheap nike nfl jerseys Lei, still clear hear 3 people's conversation, hear these three of playboy first for the sake of Dou Guo Shuo but quarrel, follow a discussion again rise how feed those seven color Guo Shuo, theviscount of Huo Lei not from

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zebra Jerseys private.Soon Ma many privates returned to country after, the Shan Ni imitated a Buddha to become another one individual general, she starts clearly approaching me, at that time of I think that I is finallyexpected already a long

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NFL limited jersey release support for dint, the difficult quantity continues to break out and lets what everyone saw satisfy and ask tomorrow noon to start a whole distance at 12:00 concern 《the world of mortals officer's road 》 ! If chapter 079, county Wei often Wei Be very young to stand up to nod a moment of regards

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NFL limited jersey release report present condition to combine claim to increase to aid toward the county bureau immediately and positively orderany to grasp to catch a group to take action, O.K. they are in advance considering to steal oil the thief person is many factors, each member carried a gun to pay, this give grasped

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autographed jerseys Meng Ting heart in is very unimaginable, see Chen Hong and snow beautiful is an all similar facial expression, this is true, still a past family training the serious house is particularly grandmother is really pretty progressive.On thinking, right away the heart let go of and pulled they arrived annoy of is red, point at kwanyin boddhisattva to lambaste a way:Ugly woman, who decree by destiny with you?Think Du small Ye, with you qualified? The bottle gourd child waits a person a listen to the red child say that the kwanyin boddhisattva is an ugly woman, immediately the Wu wears belly a

nhl snapbacks to nod and suddenly thoughted of a problem again, hence asked a way again:Yi minister, presses to say that the old Mao should know your daughter of ah, he was also present at that time, how have never recognized she? Yi jasmine explanation way:Secretary, I also just adjust to publicizee a department

wholesale nba jerseys investing. Returned to country green Lan of rear to stay in city in R.O.C for two days, within these two days enjoy the emperor king's joy to the utmost, Chinese and Foreign beauty what it waited upon comfortable comfortable of, Di Nuo now again dry will old profession, the target just studying of

authentic nhl jerseys sword unites as one and immediately disappears in many view for going intos. Chapter 327 smiles a last placard of monk many fairies harm a fairy baby Nu cloth 9 smile a monk the invisible sword escape, in the sky concealed body, invisible have no mutually, quietly fly to the Cao snow morning./W ï½—


custom nba jerseys big four break, the dollar absolute being defeats and disperseds, even if is a sage to come down to earth to also save him not get. Nine people of flank just wanted to talk, but was put by a voice of infirmity to come in:Is various and cough, everybody way friend, need not at give a lot of care the

wholesale ncaa jerseys the somebodies worry, we work well transmitter good.For Di second Ge ground idea, Lin Tian still moves of, after all this boy isn't a person of heart of a beast. Take after second Ge of Di returned to an underground base, the Di second Ge is warmly welcomed, with many attendants crowding round taken

cheap mlb jerseys online body protect. The transmigration of soul black lotus just appeared, have two sword lights of oddities inclined cut since then, the sword light is like dragon, cut ground several to protect a body black lotus, but was been dashed up by the endless endless black s è lotus hu ā to trap therein. Soar front to bend the head to concede defeat, but when square green Lan and then with the fire awe of the ground Jing after, black water worked properly Xi to thoroughly have no a temper. Although the square green Lan also lets black water work properly the Xi build up a cent palace in the Xuan male

replica basketball jerseys wholesale influence is very heavy, want ~only body therein, even if is a self-discipline not, vitality also can't little. Thus, they sometimes go to lately small space for the meeting, but here be re- assigned name to by them, become an endless garden, is BE their floret park, can make them arbitrarily play,

nfl snapbacks after toast mutually, drink of don't as well enjoy. Certainly, two people also can not help to put blame on square green Lan a little bit late their introduction, let they fore expect of resulted in ininfighting otiose loss, Rang wear want green elder brother Lan tocompensate, square green Lan which

authentic nhl jerseys wholesale sneer that a silk can not realize, the activity this time very successful, look, should ascend a period of time indiscriminately, most at least, in a short time, should can't someone came to seek their to bother. The disturbance in the base, the doctor and Zhao Kais pass to have no place not at of

cheap blank football jerseys madness? Is innocent and weak, bring of only have the disaster of hellish sort. Although die at here, I have no what regret so much of, hope the companions of those dyings, can't regret, either. Lin Tian at not distance, look at this ever invincible emperor class to compare a gram person, his hand to block son tooth:Way friend, the I doesn't is to be vegetarian, meat-eating, also want some strong drinks to eat. Son tooth the hurried life person prepare, although heart in not pleased, have never talked as well, wined and dined to satiety, take a rest the first at the mid-night, the second

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breast cancer awareness shirts along with for several days, did she unexpectedly have a cordiality to me?Listens to white dress woman a way:After those early years suffered to greatlybecome, I thought to can't easily feel attracted again, after canning ever since that time save you, I ……I but is missing you every day and block descend shoot of treasure light, the favour takes Lin Qing and get down square elder brother the comfortable battlefield draw off.He fights Mou poison in times before and has already harmed vitality, this time forsaving Lin Qing, mutually hold with 100 treasure cloud tongs with all strength nervous air, the heart knows oneself estimate quite good, dark way:From I become after a dollar absolute being body he big in orderto be afraid, and protect top of head with all strength now, ...He is afraid I does the temple get into a body from the mire pill?'Deathless evil body'hard can not break,

Nike black impact Jerseys lift tower a person to be like those barbarians for them, violent but stand in no fear of to fear to die again, they see the sacrifice as is a kind of honour, true no one can even become than receiving to lift tower a person worth trust of hatchet man.The lotus section Er Si three a lifetimes ask a

la lakers snapback of kind?Is bad how again may the Mo be under the disguise ofkind?Is bad how again may the Mo be under the disguise of kind?The sky is evil to read 2 times of mumbling born words:You …… you from very the Mo time discover of, ……BEOf.Naturally guessed evil for a sky want to ask very Mo, way: go come but feel more difficult, born feels legs a soft, almost fall down on the ground, not from get the self-ridicule ground smiled to smile and raised a step to come out a bedroom.See to is a luxurious residence here, the bedroom islocated in the second floors and naturally spends for more than 1 wing a burst of fieriness wield and simply once wore from the Zhang breeze, once the lance flick and keep taking born better arm.He doesn't take born throat towards naturally pouring to also really cherish, lance, but rightwards the arm was since then afraid to accidentally lose toharm in front,

cheap jerseys free shipping clinging show eyebrow is tightly wrinkly, don't live to complain of hard lot a way in:Good younger brother, calculates an elder sister to fear you, lay up youquickly the true fire of that important person life.Naturally the title sees go, sees a full sky of fire sea in, ten thousand red glow at

Custom Nike elite NBA Jerseys rise moreover a 'war absolute being war signal'of passage.But in addition to the strength that passes various absolute being, I never yet know and have another separate news far ten thousand insides, deliver the way of another place.That fiesta departmentthe self-confidence Be full everywhere to say.

t shirt outlet engrave silky sorcery so much over there.Next time, the master carries on the cloth of sorcery to establish quickly, by so doing can ast least economize time in quarter.Others then quick Ma Jia Bian, get into battlefield before the virtuous thunder engraves silk to arrive.If thevirtuous thunder

vintage basketball jerseys with the set that board of trade unite, to the benefits that they bring, is more hard to compute with money.And letto belong to a peaceful people of two nobilities of worlds originally to walk to arrive gradually to come together because of the establishment of the hospital and the theater.Those

custom baseball jerseys ask a way.Is nothing of to have what prestige, I only like towalk everywhere and conveniently scoop out some can lift the person whom the tower has a help towards receiving, the many people here all know me, they win of some people are what I recommends.The old says with a smile, his facial


mlb Browns jerseys for women untilthese abuzz voices gradually small some after, a gentleman just gingerly, the window way falling in pieces from that explores successful in career go to.Like, the various absolute being protects, that person has already walked far.The gentleman lightly says.BuThe most people in the bar hears

jeremy scott shoes for sale universality, even can together the soldier absolutebeing follower of a religion acted as rivals, admire rest to incredibly recognize tacitly their set the church that set up to publicly preach.The industry and business industry mastermind of the Si Cui Er county constitutes to unite labor union,

nba jerseys black Friday 2013 sale empress is making a plan of cities with a few sacrifice, the sea space Ai Luo also from issued on order a soldier to know to receive to lift there tower fleet has already started out of news.The sea space Ai Luo being

Cheap Oakley Half Straight Jaquetas Sunglasses already fished for strange appearance inside a born body.Clinging and shocked way:This legend is true?Is my still thinking a rumor.After those early years Yi big absolute being with borrow'the mirror of Fu Xi''the Wa emperor's A''ask for a sky, Ding'three kind difference the treasure maneuver in the

hot pink zebra jerseys also withdraw previous remark to call him as adopted father.The king of Tan Tan happily and repeatedly cachinnation, way:Like, is this time to want you to come for father,is to have a moreimportant affair, measure with my son company for father thanking you first, however.Born heart way:More

cheap Colorado Rockies jerseys obviously and specially likes this kind of game, and gram madness of the beautiful silk fostered the degree that she wantons more, two guys were like the childs that had fun to go crazy similar, all the slightest don't know

Soccer Jerseys Replica Wholesale Wang Shu talk, this very day goes to the ancestral temple of going on a pilgrimage.The his majesty waits a minute.Yang Jian sudden way:His majesty's seeming to forget 1:00, that Sun Wukong andXing for sky will

Jeremy Scott Poodle t person in sorcery full-length gown, all immediately will draw the attention of turning on duty the sorcery teacher.Most people will drive very the politely invite a sorcery association, few someones will choose holdout, after all to the common run of people, sorcery teacher all the foot is

Coke Boys Snapback infinite memory capacity, finally is also would be to own creative power most importantly.If the race like this can not become a dominating of world, that just oddness.Probably this essence that would is that prediction.The probably various absolute being is to arrange like this.Probably be because

adidas attitude logo seeing pure isthe son who leaves home already a long time to return to in home and immediately rear infinite joy on his face.However he equally also saw boon Lai a section after death follow of those three unique color beauties.See that the oldest, obviously than boon Lai the section is 56 years

cheap utah jazz jerseys for kids naturally etc. live to the guest room bottom.The decoration in the guest room pours is and mankind and the just like that night fork uses, don't work properly sat in a short while in born building, worry thelayer after layer leave-taking leave and hope don't work properly to leave of figure,

Custom MLB Jerseys Wholesale with good-looking see.Is small to living is about to answer, see suddenly nine only order to fiercely put bright, unexpectedly become the flameof nine regiment flaming combustions, quick burn to oneself, not from call a bitterness, have to again will ten thousand Luo the method Bo start to put, the

Cheap Only Hats helping isn't all main son that can easily provoke, he only one protect city right will not dare to make decision, have to hope the vision for asking for help toward the son of Tu Tu.Once the Tu Tu son eye pupil turn and have already therebeen idea and call a way:Thunder breeze, you I temporarily

replica nfl jerseys nike sorcery chemical element Ning, to small living to bomb.Two light balls hit smallly to living to sway on the horseback several sway, butalso only this and no more just, small living anti- pour spirit to greatly flap, repeatedly call a way in:Is very great very great, how obedient good son is!Two guys

Nike Hats forgive me to keep speech, my pouring is to don't know this affair, these are two is also a sorcery teacher?The another sorcery teacher doubt doesn'tunderstand ask a way.In their eyes in addition to that little boy is probably probably a sorcery teacher outside, that girl should be a clergy, the


Monster Energy Snapbacks gourd:This is the your master elder brother, although shape however year old, turn a form very and early, the big Luo gold fairy fixs at present for, you the teacher Zu haven't become a way, the I turns a form soon of have been already entered door. Again pointed to point flank of all flowers fairy:

jeremy scott shop everything make him a burst of dimmed eyesight confused, really dare not believe all these. Yes, at present is what?That is the endless valuables, the valuables of those most

mlb Twins jerseys for youth ground.Just because of doing not know.So is more frightened.Left the spot in quick time.Simultaneously walk.Simultaneously wipe last cold sweat of forehead.But no matter how he wipe.Be wipe not clean.The sweat constantly flowed out out.Different meeting.After connecting carry on the back lichen to

Throwback NBA Jerseys Authentic of mortals again wishes to wish each owner! The chapter 529, Chinese herbal medicine plants one way chapter 529, Chinese herbal medicine to plant an one way if the home town can provide employment opportunities for the children's parents, who would like to stay far away from home to run to a long

Cheap AFL Hats secretary, at square big secretary strong spirit field under still seem to be jittery, bathe enough action is not so either to moderate flowing freely, service also not so good enough, square green Lan wry smile not already, don't also count to say her, the somebody else's performance is to

mlb Mariners jerseys appears the road of big waygreat of absolute being, you are scaring me, be not like me one is really small and smallly living and work properly is can not stand you of scare, carelessly meeting the nerve mistake is in a mess, the little darling in nowadays still just jumping of plop plop, didn't

Authentic Soccer Jerseys from china death listen to quietly at him, still keep really knowing meanings in it in the heart, positive as it does, so as to get values in it, obviously needing to be persisted more then the heart can succeed. After walking a college, two females also experienced legendary college, certainly is to have the

Authentic NHL game Jerseys the action of inside immediately hurtled come in. Lin Tian doesn't hestitate saint light the spirit condensed into orb to throw in the past, a burst of and violent explosion voice rang out, the guard of doorway directly drive deep-fried of flew to go out.Take this cleft, Lin Tian immediately flees

Cheap Nike seahawks Jerseys smaller and weak too much. Really want to float to see in the empty island, heard to is shabby ground of before, now but be more getting dazzling more than those big cities, really is let people have to regrets ah, if one day canning go up should have much good, experience at least also quite good

women's fem fan jerseys the dint of the stars is all very common strength, and really too sparse, absorb to lay by comparative slowness, also have no accommodation at the same time of achievement method, as for their self-discipline more slow, can have today's progress, is all ir unremittingly diligent result by themselves,

Wholesale Authentic MLB Jerseys boys again Xian again Ji, notice male the facial expression of the classmates, the square green Lan says to the girls:Each of you says to all want to invite me, which must please to arrive when, and the number has no less atmosphere, not your elder brother invites everyone tonight, trust, the

youth NCAA premier Jerseys much fresh flowers, the more the better, your support is my power, always go toward front blunt, dash forward the first, the younger brother thanks humbly here!!!! Bomb case still the spread is very wide, the high person requests in succession must the Che check, even if was an intelligence people

customized Houston Astros jerseys Wei building often, hence collectively go into lived kid Xie there, and returned to meet with Xu Yan and left Xuan, kid, , left three females' portraitses also immediately spread to city Tang Yu Yan of China there.And Tang Yu Yan of so knew the kid Xie three femaleses' existence, this also is

cheap pandora necklaces identity puts over there, so the wine drinks very civilization, everyone also sincerely talks to carefully go. Chapter 484, New Year makes New Year's visits to meet acquaintance's chapter 484, New Year to make New Year's visit to meet an acquaintance to drink into midway, reserved boxOf the door

yankee Hats earthquake the sky is most warmly welcomed, let with go of the officials don't already and also shock, envy the other party secretary to don't already worship, this economic area of go to also become to mutually raise prestige that square green Lan saves at the river of Gan, this is also the square

oakley sunglasses shoes outlet australia stores think it's quite good and all right, good, I knew, I will with Lao secretary they communicate. The square green Lan hurriedly says again:Old uncle, and a matter needs you to help.Say.The list river's big wave a word. The square green Lan says:Concerning new appointee city bureau chief Ju of


Cheap Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses taken away by the little animal, saw nearbily up of the nut can know, he is also inattentive, however little animals have been already disappeared now, more explain that assassin still just, completely is ten thousand Lais to accompany quiet ah, the animal is the most impressionable. Probably that

Superman Snapbacks and then turns round to see backward Yi, take to have deep-rooted old grudge in the double eyes, five wings a flap will fly to walk. Just flying isn't far, hear a sad and shrill crow call, in five publics eldest brother have already perished, instigating wing with all strength will fly toward

jeremy scott wings ballerinas is little, not enough they divides of, but can not export. For this, Chen Hong can't have what different idea, oneself thinks good can, if disliking is expensive can not buy, who*wore you to buy, this is completely oneself would like to of affair, close him what affair.To know the time in outside

Custom NFL Jerseys if this news spread to go, also don't know what affair come, put out the whole imperial house, this need what kind of strength, , they have never thought this problem. Chapter 366 finally still comes to chapter 366 to finally still come to time to lead still very quick of, in a moment was apart from

Cheap seahawks Nike Jerseys green Lan, the small Xin leaps to jump of ran to come over, immediately after rush toward to go into a just- got off square green Lan bosom, on connecting on his face to kiss quite a few, and say:The old Jiu finally saw you and wanted to die small Xin. The square green Lan kneads to knead her face

pandora necklaces Lai benefactor checked one Gang son and had no quasi- the mankind on the earth have already not also destroyed completely say. The mankind who originally have 10,000,000,000 people come to now this wretched shape, if still let those up to 100 nations quarrel every day endlessly, wait until a ratio

Pink Dolphin Snapback Hats can starve a rat, the food is more and more hard to make to come to hand, make the lieutenant who admire the boon, this the government soldier remnants department have already profoundly sunk into a crisis like this in.The troops that admires boon is all troops of luckily survive and destroys a

Cheap SpongeBob Shoes a company to measure, is disappointment very much in the heart. However, Chen Hong felt public disappointment naturally, say:Although can not directly relieve this hard nut to crack, however can in helping the key time a short while, record??Only once, is not likely to have been helping throughout,

Cheap Red Bull Snapback Hats jump, unwillingly of hide pass by. Look these three should just living on of low class, after they once hid a spirit circle to cut, Lin Tian generally appears

caps australia useless person can't let, either you suffer a los of, do business, what everyone pays attention to is fair two wordses, do you say?That BE, want ~only accommodation, I don't mind of, the somebody else like this is also not easy, big Ye that walks and sees. And at present this big Ye head for not

State Property Snapbacks pay high pressure water gun to flush that street that looks like to flow to drip a great deal of blood, the whole street's seeming to be is so of strain but also have a preface. The color is gradually bright on that day, the people just dared to strengthen a courage to come out family to look in to

game Jerseys Cheap china t compare his pole world in the sky come of small. After, Chen Hong and Hong Jun way the person go a purple Xiao temple and take a break together, then look for own kid and seek hello to still want of, before and how have complaint no matter is also need Tatu to measure, but Hong Jun way the person

Cheap Cartoon Hats Free Shipping Wei pair the secretary widely and all attend personally to talk and encourage everyone earnest study, obtain good result, don't be ungrateful to the value of saving Wei provincial government and the leaderships, said the classmates have a boiling passion, because wide secretary this sentence says

Bad Boy Good Girl Snapback 0, if not that that fights, do we still far and far don't know elder generation badly, absolutely don't can imagine, this is the myth middleman, have never imagined before, now but feeling of ability reality, be really can not imagine, oneself is such of honor it go to.Like, don't regrets, listen to

pandora charms outlet natural endowments with never thought God's way class unexpectedly is the Shu of soul, suddenly of break out, let me am subjected to not small wound, otherwise and can't kept to harm, either so for a long time, however is the difficulty that solved in front on the whole, later way friend oneself

Cheap Tiffany bracelets amount, kowtow for the gift toward the sakya Mo Ni Buddha, sang one one big promise:Pupil Sun Wukong pays a courtesy calls on such as come to Buddha Zu. Such as come to Buddha Zu to sit upright in all aspects gold lotus up moderately say with smile:The Wu is empty, you not with that Tang three hide

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