03 April 2006


Mack Collier

Thanks for the link, I just listened to it and blogged about it as well. I agree, neither Steve nor Rick sounded that impressive, in fact I doubt either of them had read Jack's Forbes article, because:
1 - Rick referenced the Oprah G6 episode as a successful WOM campaign, when Jack also referenced it in his Forbes article as an example of a NON-successful WOM campaign, since it didn't increase sales. Rick sheepishly agreed.
2 - Jack repeatedly said that his point in the Forbes article was that 'WOM is one of many tools available to you'. That was NOT his main point, it was something he mentioned in passing at the end of an article where he spent all his time attacking the crediblity of WOM and viral marketing. Again, the fact that neither Steve nor Rick called him on this, suggests to me that neither of them actually read Jack's article.

Which would be hilarious, since Steve blogged about it the same day it was put up on Forbes.com. I listened for 20 mins, and didn't hear any marketing wisdom from any of them, just a bunch of canned replies that you can find 100 times on any of their blogs.

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