09 January 2006


Jason Newport

Amen! Its all about management. Just like with most OLD BOY corporations they care more about power than the company and will run it into the ground. What they need is innovation & design based on early model cars (where the history is at). I believe Ford hired away a BMW designer and they ended up with boring cars and trucks. They need to stop being so damn conservative. Not that Dodge is the greatest, but remember when they came out with the dramatic new look I believe in the late 80's early 90's? It set the tone for all other truck companies (they have slacked off sense then). They have conducted market research and then averaged out or chosen the median value so as to play it safe. They have done this over and over each time taking the median of the last median and ended up with a water downed product. Every product goes through an adoption process....earlier adopters through to laggers. People look at what cool people eat, drink, wear, drive, etc... and then follow that leader. You can't shoot for the middle of the road and expect anyone to get excited about it.

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