04 June 2005


malaclypse the tertiary

So clients can't handle the truth?

This issue has its roots in number theory and logic, and judging by what I've been able to discern from the VSENTE site, you folks value rational analysis. It turns out that formal systems appear to be constitutionally incapable of defining or specifically demonstrating truth. There are a rather extensive group of theorems, corollaries and lemma which allude to this curious problem. It’s a bootstrap thing. See Tarkski, Gödel, Russell, et al.

But there’s more: It turns out that often with even those decisions which would seem to militate in favor of highly rational approaches are made, ultimately, by intuition. I’m outlining Kant’s analysis/synthesis dichotomy here. People are not automata, running breadth-first decision-tree analysis on each decision (notably purchasing decisions.) We desire and even require theatre.

Analysis is powerful. This is not in question. The more important question, to my mind, is when it can be most usefully applied, and when it should get the hell out of the way. A professor of music theory once told me that music theory is not a prescription for music; it is a description of music. Music is composed by the artist and then analyzed later by the theorist and not the other way around. N’est pas?

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