07 May 2005


J. M. Korhonen

Thanks for the comments on our blog - here's what I already posted in response:

Now that I finally managed to read Mike's post on the very same subject, I bow in respect :). That's a very good post and well worth the read.

I would, however, make one comment: My experience has been that if you give doubters some point that they can attack, they will do so. I have seen the same process play out in new product development, where it's usually a bad idea to overdo early sketches or prototypes of a product.

That's because what happens is that people mistakenly focus on one point (the so-called "I don't like the color"-syndrome) and miss out the rest, the real work that has been done.

In product development, I advocate building first rough prototypes from Lego bricks and drawing sketches so that it's really apparent that they are that, i.e. first rough drafts. And I believe advocates of maneuver theory should carefully consider using similar ploys to get through first resistance (especially in academic circles), but Mike's approach is founded on long experience and therefore probably is more on target than mine.

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